Laser Cut Pumps

[vimeo 2607149]

As the video above shows, [Zach Hoeken] is continuing to improve on his peristaltic pump design. The moving parts in peristaltic pumps never contact the fluid being moved. Instead, they interact with the outside of the tubing that’s carrying the liquid. In [Zach]’s design, multiple skate bearings roll across the outside of the silicon tubing, squeezing the liquid through. You can get a better idea of how this works by watching the first video. The newer version appears to be pumping much better. We’re not sure if that’s because of faster motors or from switching to two bearings instead of three. This definitely looks like a good choice if you’re planning on building your own cocktail robot. You can find the plans on Thingiverse.

9 thoughts on “Laser Cut Pumps

  1. when I donate platelettes they use the same kind of process so that they can change out the bags and tubes easily after each donation. One huge difference is that they use 3 bearings and have it set up in such a way that it provides an even flow instead of a spurty flow like he’s getting with only two.

  2. Interestingly I read there is still an issue with those kind of machines in medical use actually damaging the blood, that’s why you can only use them for a while on humans, and it’s basically not advisable to do it willy-nilly in treatment.
    The reason I mention it is because in TV shows and such all treatments are perfect and have no long/forever lasting side-effects unlike reality, and since we the hack-interested parties are geeky I think we need to deal with reality; and finds hacks for it :)
    Perhaps someone finds a way to do the same that’s even more neutral towards the fluids and the materials in the fluid.

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