7 color hand held laser projector


[rog8811] sent in this really cool hack where he used the optics sled from a PS3 as a foundation for a 7 color hand held laser projector. Combining a green laser, a blue ray laser, and a red laser, he is able to produce a variety of color  including white. There are step by step instructions on how to make a multicolored laser. He then goes even further, showing how to integrate this into a hand held projector with pre programmed patterns. You can see some examples of the different colors and patterns in this video.

20 thoughts on “7 color hand held laser projector

  1. It is nice, but not truly a LASER.

    LASER is by definition a coherent
    source of collimated light.
    While the light is still collimated
    after mixing the three beams, it won’t
    be coherent.

    Anyway, the white beam is beautiful and
    I doubt he would like to use that for
    some serious applications.
    So, nice job! The three beams looks to
    be very well aligned, I must admit it
    is difficult to do that with that size
    constraints. I have to use expensive
    lab optics and supports to do the same

  2. Very nice :P

    I like the creativity of combining “salvaged” electronics.

    I noticed the ©2007 on the website roger, how long did it take to construct this ?

    Again… Very nice.

  3. rog8811:

    Nice Setup and nice job on the alignment. It looks really good.

    For everyone else:

    Hey! You can modulate them you just need different laser diode drivers.

    The white beam is still coherent … just 3 different coherent beams in 1 space. Your eye mixes the colors and shows you white.

    If you used PWM you would need to use a really fast modulation frequency and/or maybe a DC filter on the output… as soon as you move the beam around you would get dots instead of lines.

    You can buy the PS3 Laser Sleds as a replacement part so you don’t have to take apart your PS3.

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