Choreographed Christmas Lights


We’ve covered a couple of different ways of doing choreographed Christmas lights. The most basic being sound activated ones made from speakers, then the parallax controlled ones. This one uses the parallax microcontroller as well, but [prabbit22m] seems to have put some more effort into the construction and enclosure. The lights are all LED this time around and there are 18 outlets that can be individually controlled in a nice, safe enclosure. The choreography was done well too. The capabilities video is pretty impressive, it looks like he has managed to do some fading in and out. You can see it after the break.


10 thoughts on “Choreographed Christmas Lights

  1. The first thought that comes to mind is that he’s lacking free-wheeling diodes for the relays… depending on the size/rating and the mosfet’s rating it may do bad things…

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