ToorCamp 2009 To Be Held At Missile Silo


After running a successful hacker convention for ten solid years, the people who brought you ToorCon are planning a new event to shake up the US hacker scene. ToorCamp will be held July 2nd-5th, 2009 at a former missile silo in central Washington state. Hackers will camp on-site for two days of talks followed by two days of workshops. Art and music events are planned for every night. Camps like this are already help biannually in Europe: What the Hack in 2005, Chaos Communication Camp 2007, and Hacking at Random 2009, coming this fall. The complex is one of three Titan 1 missile complexes in the Moses Lake area. The sites were in operation less than three years between 1962 and 1965. The former missile command center has been converted to a secure data center run by Titan I, LLC. ToorCamp promises to be a very unique experience and we’re looking forward to attend this and future years.

12 thoughts on “ToorCamp 2009 To Be Held At Missile Silo

  1. Just wanted to say that I live in Moses Lake and just camping in/around the missle silo is worth the trip. They have been looking to sell it and my son and I have thought it would be a great opportunity to start a live(ish) zombie hunting program.

  2. Growing up in Moses Lake, this was the place to go for stupid fun. BTW the old SAC building that Titan-1 is using was the sweetness to explore before they took over. In the late 80’s the BPA had their regional power switching station there on the 1st floor and the rest was left as it had been abandoned. Good stuff to explore…

  3. thezuke! your a retard and an asshole
    if it doesnt seem interesting then dont say anything
    i think it would be an amazing experience!
    but the site has like no info!
    Age limit, cost, and more needed info!

  4. zuke. Don’t gnaw on painted surfaces. Wear a mask that will filter any friable asbestos that, may or may not be in the air. you should be just fine. You don’t expect to get out this world alive do you? At any rate I will not be attending this or similar events anytime soon. Wallet is too darn light.

  5. nice, something only a couple hours away. sounds like it could be a sweet event. I imagine that the hazards are much higher for those who are intoxicated. However, thezuke… how many times have you got drunk and had the irresistible munchies for vintage paint chips? Don’t get me wrong dude, you do make a valid point, but I breath in worse fumes during my daily commute.

    In all reality this should be quite affordable. drive your segway, (a truck would be preferable to haul your gear, keg, tent, and food.) And for those complaining about too little cash, how difficult is it to fix a few computers for some dough? remember the common user does have an issue, however they just don’t want to admit it. make a shirt advertising your computer services, make a craigslist add. Better yet, there are these sweet things that most of us have come to call a “J.O.B.” cheers

  6. Yea, there’s A LOT of asbestos pipe insulation in that silo. I’m surprised the guys running it haven’t gone bankrupt yet. I went by it awhile ago, it doesn’t look like anyone’s even there at all! Some one should go out there and see whats up!

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