Missile Launcher, IPhone Interface


[Pedram] Sent us his USB missile launcher interface project. He happened to have some of the USB missile launchers lying around. having lost their initial draw, he wanted to do something to spice it up. He wrote an interface in python so he could control the launcher via his iPhone. We don’t see how this is any different than controlling them by the computer, but he seems to have put a decent amount of work into it.

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  1. It would be easier to use the computer to control it and use a VNC program from the iPhone. If you’re on a good (or practically existent) WiFi connection, there’s maybe a 1/4 second lag between the iPhone and the board. It’s free and you don’t have to write your own code! But kudos to anyone who is willing to do it for fun.

  2. neat project, but the presentation/video was a bit gay. seemed there was some sort of romatic tension between them, especially the look on the victim’s face. I also didn’t get the relationship between the countdown and the giant ‘F’ button he pushed, and the huge delay before anything happened. i gave it a 3 in terms of creativity a 2 in presentation, and 4 in terms of technical merit (out of 10).

  3. I’m starting to get tired of “normal stuff” that’s posted on this site just because it runs on the iphone.

    There are so many other cool and innovative projects out there that haven’t been posted here!

  4. The Arabic translate to gibberish, mostly. It’s flipped and unconnected in a way that makes it nearly unreadable-a common mistake when someone who doesn’t know the language deals with it and doesn’t know it’s supposed to be read right to left.

    Reading it, letters and words flipped, it says something like “Exchange security forces that egypt”. I’m guessing he copy/pasted a blurb from an egyptian news site…?

  5. I would like to confirm the arabic translation as “Exchange security forces that egypt”… that is exactly what it says… which doesn’t make sense… like the user said… it’s copied from a newspaper

  6. here is nothing novel in the fact that it is run from the iphone. All the iphone is doing is just accessing a webpage – and the webserver on his comp calls the python script. Annny other internet capable device could control it the same way – but suddenly it’s cool because it “runs” on an iphone.

    the only interesting aspect of it is his process to reverse engineer the DLL functions. It’s a useful basic reference for those unfamiliar with debuggers.

    But wheeeee.. it uses an iphone~

  7. oh I get it! because arabs fire missiles set to countdowns and spooky spy music!!! hurr hurr

    maybe it should have been an american flag set to the star spangled banner firing on some unsuspecting women and children

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