Flexible Circuit Valentine


[xander] built this LED valentine for his loved one. It’s interesting because he used Pyralux, a flexible circuit board material from DuPont. He describes the consistency as “tough plastic tissue-paper”, but had no trouble using standard toner transfer etching. It has an ATtiny45 microcontroller that pulses the 16 LEDs at an approximation of his heart beat. To avoid soldering a bunch of surface mount resistors, he used two constant current shift registers.

11 thoughts on “Flexible Circuit Valentine

  1. The batteries are two AAA’s, the holder for which is hot-glued onto the back of the card. Consequently the card doesn’t actually close (I could have made that work with a thin-cell lithium) but rather stands on its own as pictured.

  2. Nice. I wish I would have heard about this before Valentines Day. Probably would have been a good idea to post it a week in advance.

    Anyway, nice Idea. I’ll keep this one in mind next year. Very, very cool idea.

  3. Next step: add a piezo speaker for the heart beat hospital-machine type noises, and set up some way of having it “flat-line” when the batteries are nearing non-operational levels.

  4. Want to learn how to do this?

    http://www.google.com How to learn electronics, how to etch circuit boards, how to design a circuit board, PIC programming, and finally digital electronics theory.

    dont buy books. you have more info on the net than any book you can buy. I would also suggest taking electronics 101 at your local community college.

    I want to know one thing. a source for the flexible board material. NONE of the suppliers out there I know of have it or can get it.

  5. Hi!
    Can you actually use ferric chloride to etch these pyralux flex pcbs?
    I’m trying to find this info because I think this would be a great solution to a proj I’m working on, but couldn’t find anything so far that bounds both ferric chloride and flex PCBs. Thanks!

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