Dirk’s Accident


Warning: this link contains graphic images depicting removal of a fingernail by giant freaking magnets. [Dirk] likes to collect odd things. A few of those odd things, just happen to be massive Neodymium magnets. Even though he was really really careful, somehow two of them ended up close enough to attract each other. After a brief flight, the two collided with his finger tip in between them. It is probably still there now.

We know these things can be pretty dangerous and usually warn people when doing projects that require them, like building a wind turbine.

57 thoughts on “Dirk’s Accident

  1. All I can say is wow! I’ve had my finger get in the way of some hard drive magnets and it hurt for a while but this is insane! (they were from a 10 platter SCSI drive and are about 1″x2″x1/2″ thick, so good size for a hard drive) Kudos on having the biggest, scariest magnets I’ve ever seen!

  2. omg anyone got any BBQ sauce… I cant imagine the secret Invisible force of 700lbs pulling force.. this kind of voodoo reminds me of dark matter.. it’s almost Unfathomable that this is real ;P thank you for creating another thing to fear…. put them on either side of my head and let go..

  3. God DAMN!!

    I don’t know what would posses anyone to handle magnets of that size without having them firmly attached to a jackscrew!!

    I had some much smaller magnets that pinched me very hard (some crazy person tried to stick them on my neck).

    Even they would fly together with great fore chipping pieces off at high speed from a foot apart.

  4. No offense to the person injured but magnets of those size are extremely dangerous and should be treated as such. Having two out on the same plane of magnetic force is akin to tossing lit sticks of dynamite, it’s just a matter of time till you lose a finger or two.

    I have several 500+ pound N45’s and they are kept individually in wooden crates and only removed under controlled circumstances.

  5. “[in addition to two lethal-size magnets] I have a nice collection authentic samurai swords…. razor sharp. Also one of the strongest crossbows and compound hunting bows. I never use them… just as “decoration” for my room. ”

    What a waste.

  6. I just calculated the force ratio and physics on this event…here it is.

    Aproxiamte weight of the flying Magnet: 2Kg
    At the impact point there was a maximum speed of 70meters per second with a impact force of 4905 Newtons…soo..this…my friend…can kill about anything.


  7. I’ve done this with those small magnets that United Nuclear sells, only on my penis. I almost passed out from the pain, and caused some nasty bruising in the process. Had to use two guys and a pair of pliers to get them off. I’ve never felt more pain than that in my life, and I’ll never play with those magnets again.

  8. I’m reminded of the big screen Wild Wild West, where the villain collared Artemus and Jim with large magnets, attracting a buzz saw blade to their necks.

    fuzzmanmatt; taking your tale at face value, powerful magnets in the vicinity of your tallywhacker, what where you thinking? That’s right you weren’t thinking. :)
    Lastly they tell me soaking injured finger tips in cider, helps the pain. Bring up an old joke.

  9. Wow, somebody else who’s had magnets stuck on their penis!

    They were the little round ones used for weak magnetic earings, maybe 5mmx1mm. Almost no force to speak of until you get them 5mm apart from each other. It was fun. Until you discover that the very top of the perineal raphe, right below the corona, is a fold of skin with lots of nerve endings and no fat – so it compresses from about 2mm thick to about 1/2mm thick under any force, and with a magnet that packs about a pound of pressure into a tiny package at that distance, it pulls the skin around so hard, and makes it so swollen, that it almost gets lost.

    It took me an hour of suppressing screams, pushing them apart off only to have them snap back again, and wondering how I’d ever live with myself if I sought help, before I finally got it off. Part of the problem with needlenose pliers was that whenever they got close, they rapidly gained force and stabbed me. There is really nothing you can do to get leverage on both sides in order to control the pliers without piercing yourself by squeezing the magnets together. I’m reasonably sure if I’d stopped trying for a few hours I would have a permanent piercing there.

    Geek Dads – welcome to Things You Can’t Forsee to Protect Your Kids From. Also – The Power of Anonymity.

  10. @ jay and others.
    4905 neutons equates to 500kilogram-force.
    so in other words, that impact was like having half a tonne sit on your finger.

    amazing that a 2 kilo weight can become a 500kg weight in a split second.

  11. Never in my life have I ever had the urge to stick magnets to my penis, and yet here are two people who have done so on this very site. What the hell was your thought process that led to this event?

  12. @ wtf
    Probably something along the lines of “Here I have my magnets, and I like playing with those. Here I have my penis, and I like playing with that”, and drawing some horrible conclusions from that.

    Remember kids, the sum may be significantly worse than the parts.

  13. Wow just imagine the incoherent cussing
    At least losing finger tip was a accident
    Why the hell would get objects that can turn into projectiles around your penis.
    It all fun and games till the doctor starts laughing

  14. Man, unless you need two, never buy two of those. One is pretty easy to handle, but two and you could break an arm. I got one stuck to my old car’s frame and never got it off. Decided to just giove up one day and used a plasma cutter to take the chunk of metal off.

  15. You can pick out the really low IQ people. They do things to their penis or will say, ” wait my penis will fit in there, ok turn it on!”

    They are the ones that the rest of us keep around as entertainment…

    Ohh let’s bring john to the party, bet you $20.00 he get’s his knob stuck in a bottle again.

  16. As to getting the magnets apart… Having only dealt with magnets around 1/10th that volume (still pretty damn strong), my best strategy has always been to use two large blocks of wood with holes for the magnets, then shear the magnets apart with leverage from the much larger pieces of wood.

  17. Even United nuclear’s shipping workers won’t mess with the big magnets. The engineers have to pack them for shipping. I’ve been snapped by enough small ones to be afraid of any of them over 1″x1″.

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