Temperature Sensing Munny


Here’s another nerdy present that was built for Valentine’s Day. [João Silva] created a temperature sensing Munny. A Munny is a vinyl toy made to be customized. Other than these Munny speakers, we haven’t seen them in many electronics projects. The LM35CZ temperature sensor has an analog output that connects to the ADC on the ATtiny15L. The microcontroller changes the RGB LED’s color based on the temperature: blue for cold, green for comfortable, and red for hot. It only flashes every three minutes to conserve the power in the coin cells. His one-off circuit board also includes an ISP header for programming. The Munny’s head looks like it does a great job diffusing the light.

7 thoughts on “Temperature Sensing Munny

  1. Hello,
    I had to add a small blob made of transparent FIMO (polimer modeling clay) to mix the light correctly. The vinyl is not enough. The color output is kind of Fuzzy logic, with a linear change towards blue from 20 to 18 degrees and a linear change towards red form 20 to 22, full green is obtained at 20C.

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