Dirk’s Accident


Warning: this link contains graphic images depicting removal of a fingernail by giant freaking magnets. [Dirk] likes to collect odd things. A few of those odd things, just happen to be massive Neodymium magnets. Even though he was really really careful, somehow two of them ended up close enough to attract each other. After a brief flight, the two collided with his finger tip in between them. It is probably still there now.

We know these things can be pretty dangerous and usually warn people when doing projects that require them, like building a wind turbine.

57 thoughts on “Dirk’s Accident

  1. Heal Quik and well Dirk.

    The lab I worked for 5 years ago was doing research on Nd magnets attached to force sensors for non contact feedback on high speed metal sheet thickness gauging. The founder of the company came down and picked up a specially contract made Nd rod out of it’s wooden cradle. The rod was 25 mm in diameter and 10 cm long. a 1 ” diameter 1/4 inch thick round Nd magnet jumped off of the work bench about 6 feet away and pretty much surgically removed the little piece of skin from between his thumb and first finger. To add insult to injury he had also erased all of his cards in his wallet.

    We found that the liquid rubber tool dip helps a little if your just going to be experimenting with them. It can be cut off if you have something you need close tolerances for.

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