SNES Toaster


From the same person who brought you the NES toaster comes the Super Nintoaster. It looks like the most difficult part of the construction was extending the cartridge connector. The slider button works as the power button. The toast control now changes the brightness of the glowing red LEDs. Video introduction embedded below.


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17 thoughts on “SNES Toaster

  1. Yoshi’s Island was only one of three games to use the Super FX 2 coprocessor in the cartridge. It actually uses DMA to transfer video directly into the output buffer. I have no idea if you did anything strange to the video susbsystem or used one of those SNES on a chip solutions. StarFox used the Super FX 1 and you implied it worked for you. All I can suggest is testing it with either Doom or Winter Gold/FX Skiing.

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