Serial To USB Cable For The G1


For those wanting to do some hacking  or kernel debugging on their G1, [macpoddotnet] shows how to make a serial to USB cable. He gathered enough information on the Android platform google group to be able to piece something together. He’s using a USB 2.8V serial TTL level converter, and lists several available that should work. Looks like a pretty easy build.

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  1. At last, I knew the G1 had a serial port hidden in that connector. Now for someone to release a terminal emulator that can actually use it, although I suppose if you have rooted the phone you can probably use /dev/tty0 or something to get at it

    soooo…mmanny…uses… especially since it has a full keyboard it would make a great portable terminal emulato

  2. I am macpoddotnet. I said 2.8v because that’s what folks smarter than me on the mailing list suggested. Also if I take a voltage reading of the G1’s tx pin to ground, that’s what I get (2.8v).

    If you know more feel free to post a comment in the instructable and I will be more than happy to update it!

  3. This is neat and all, but how does this differ from any other USB CDC based serial device?

    The only thing that qualifies this as a hack is the method in which the ExtUSB device is being broken out, and this is available from an online retailer.

    What would be interesting to see is the circuitry for the headphone impedance detect circuitry, and the code that utilizes it.

    However, nicely done, /dev/tty0 is your friend!

  4. @xander

    Certainly, this is the one linked to from his writeup:

    He also has links to the discussions that explain how the serial portion of the G1 works.

    As far as direct interfacing to a 3.3V [E]?U[S]?ART, that depends on the operating voltage of the [E]?U[S]?ART you want to communicate with. I’m not sure if this is specified in the writeup anywhere (2.8V comes up somewhere though, that might be it).

    Hope this helps!

  5. Hmmmm…

    Interesting I guess but I have a Dev Phone so I have no use for this…

    Fuck rooting it buy a Dev Phone its the shiiiiit for hacking I got Debian Linux OS running on my Dev Phone Right now…

    I’m bout to be building a new portable game console that will have 4G interfaced with celluar use with my new portable hopefully I get this deal with OnLive so you can play on demand games on the go!!

    I’m building a Site and a Myspace will update with news release on here and


  6. Too many Ipod’s devices (dock’s, compatible radios, etc) why make and app with cable that aloww you to connect your G1 to any docking station or radio, and listen and control your music collection like you have an Ipod on it? I’m shure who ever build this abb and cable to connect G1 to Ipod Dock, will sell it like crazy, I will be the first one, hmmm…or may be more, Any Ideas??

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