Photographing LEDs


Since we rely on you, our loyal readers, to supply the tasty projects that we thrive upon, we felt this writeup about how to photograph LEDs could be very useful. Photographing them can be quite difficult at times, they throw off the standard settings on your camera pretty easily. EMSL takes us through all the settings for best results. While you’re brushing up on your photography skills, you might want to consider making a flash ring, or some kind of macro lens. Now go take some awesome pictures and submit your projects.

12 thoughts on “Photographing LEDs

  1. @michael oh yeah, it must be one of those backlit-by-nuclear-fission LCDs, not the regular LED type… my mistake.

    the flash gets results similar to their HDR image without having to muck around with image editing software.

    anyway, just a suggestion, feel free to take the advice in the article (which can be summarised as: try different settings, use a tripod, watch your white balance, ooh look HDR)

  2. What Mephistopheles said about the flash is actually a good way. It reduces the huge contrast between the diffused PCB and the brightly lit LEDs. Just like photographing paintings and other flat objects, you just have to learn how to direct the flash. You’ll probably just need an external flash strobe to fire indirectly from the side. That way the reflection of the flash doesn’t bounce back to the camera.

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