Easy G1 Rooting


It’s been many months since the T-Mobile G1 was initially rooted. In that time, the process has been streamlined and tools have been built to make it much easier. Having a rooted phone has become even more desirable with the recent release of the 1.5 firmware that includes an onscreen keyboard along with other improvements. Having a rooted phone means you can do tricks like setting up a 3G/WiFi bridge. [Taylor Wimberly] has written a guide to help you easily root your G1 without having to go digging through forums for software bits. The process starts by using [Mike Moussa]’s rooting app to revert the phone to the RC29 build. You then use the “Android stupidly executes everything you type” exploit to launch telnetd and upgrade the bootloader. After that, the upgrade process is fairly easy. You just flash a new baseband and build. Once you’ve got your new custom firmware, you can do future updates using an app from the Android Market. We recently updated our Android Dev Phone 1 to 1.5 and haven’t had any issues.

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8 thoughts on “Easy G1 Rooting

  1. “Having a rooted phone has become even more desirable”!!??!??!???

    “Having a rooted phone means you can do tricks”??!!?!?

    “guide to help you easily root your G1” BAAHahahahuahuahuahua!! :)

    Of course, in Australian, “rooted” means “fucked” (and root = fuck).

    So if you ever hear an Aussie saying “my phone’s rooted”, it means his/her phone is broken.

    “initially rooted” – Ahh… I still remember the day i was “initially rooted”

  2. or just wait until tmo push it to you…unless you’re that impatient! had mine this morning, 1.5 rocks. can finally use my btooth headphones, i hate cables!

  3. Thanks for this! I did my phone last night and it was a piece of cake.

    @frank: In Australia, do you also think it’s funny that Linux sysadmins occasionally log in to the fuck account?

  4. @bob – nah, doesn’t usually go that far. If you say “root”, you could mean a root of a plant or root account etc, so it all depends on context. If you say “get/got a root” or “get rooted” etc (but not “root off” – that’s just silly), then it has the f-word meaning.

    Hearing Americans say “rooting for my team” always gets a giggle though…

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