Mouse For Your PSP


[TokyoDrift] has added mouse support to his PSP. He’s using a microcontroller to interpret for the PSP, through the serial port. You can see in the video above that this provides a functional mouse control, especially useful for first person shooter style games. He’s got lots of details as well as schematics available in the forum posts. We’ve seen other controllers added to the PSP, but this is the first time we’ve seen a mouse.

[via engadget]

13 thoughts on “Mouse For Your PSP

  1. LOL, I’m checking hackaday from the big line at KFC.

    Unless you have like an hour to burn, I don’t think I can recommend it. Beats studying for my Unix I final though.

  2. Impressive. I appreciate that you showed us a practical use video as well, not just the mouse tester application. I wouldn’t mind having that setup for portable FPS games.

  3. Cool nice hack you’ll be overpowering on a MP game:P

    I though the Ps3 and Xbox360 already support a mouse and keyboard? Because you can use a wireless adapter USB and media keyboard…

  4. The Xbox 360 doesn’t support mouse & keyboard controls for games, the PS3 does but only for certain games in which the developers have bothered to include the functionality.

  5. This is the sort of stuff i love seeing on hackaday… i’m a little surprised nobody came up with this hack earlier… PSP has been out for a while, no? ;-P

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