Drawing Robot, Lego Style


Here’s a pretty cool project done with the Lego NXT system. It’s a robot that will draw you a picture. Yes, we know it could be done cnc style, but this is much more fun. You load a picture into the software, adjust the levels so the software can create the vector version more easily, then let it rip. Now they need to add face recognition.

11 thoughts on “Drawing Robot, Lego Style

  1. Cool, reminds me of seeing a GE Fanuc robot about 10 feet high that weighed a few tons drawing a picture of it’s self with a sharpie. The engineers where I worked set it up for a demo.

  2. Neat stuff, it’s a pretty well done system, espically for the amount of detail it can perform.

    It’s easy to look at the NXT platform as see it as a childs toy but it is capable of doing some amazing things.

    Which firmware was used to do it though, Lego’s (doubt it) or maybe like lejos?

  3. Now just write a program that takes a completely random flickr photo with high contrast, and have it draw it out, then move the piece of paper off to the side with a stack of paper under it so a few minutes later, it can start the next photo.
    Would be kinda cool (and creepy) so come back home from work and be able to look through 10 or 20 pictures that your legos (re)created. lol

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