Keyboard Pants


[Zach] sent us a link to his keyboard pants. Frankly, we were astonished, not only by his craftsmanship, but by the fact that we were working on a pair ourselves. Admittedly his are much better looking and ours will probably never be finished. The inspiration for both his and ours, was this sloppy version. [Zach’s] pair have been cut in half, and he never really found a convenient way to reconnect the two halves, so only the left works. Watch this video to see him playing some Tetris in his awesome shorts.

44 thoughts on “Keyboard Pants

  1. I can see the “d” key, at least I think so??
    I would imagine that those pants get hot/sweating

    @bort “the y key is on the wrong side” how do you figure???

  2. @kyle007
    bort might have a different reason, but ive always known the y key as a ‘right-side’ key, since it is typed with your right hand, provided you are typing correctly.

  3. @kyle007:
    because when you touch type, you hit the y key with your left hand, but on this keyboard its on the right hand side.

    then again, if your a touch typist, youve got muech bigger problems using these, like the curved, moving surface, and the fact that flexible keyboards are awful. i had one once, and its hard enought to use on a flat, hard surface. they keys sort of, well, flex around and don’t usually trigger a key press (or maybe mine was just a badly designed one?)

  4. @peter:
    Given that the Y key is closer to the right index finger on a standard keyboard layout, it should be on the right.

    I think the biggest potential problem is doing laundry… has he got a solution for that?

  5. if you want both sides to work.. use 2 usb keyboards, left half of one and the right of the other – then join the halves up to a USB hub :P

    and how about a trackball mouse under the zip for the ladies? lol :P

  6. Umm the y key is closer to my right index finger, so I’ve always hit it with my right index finger. Why would you reach further with the left index finger to hit it?

  7. this is just sweet.

    i just wonder how well the keys press in, since flexi-boards tend to be awkward at times. (at least the ones that i have tried)

    as for connecting the 2 sides, wouldn’t it have just been simple enough to connect wires to the “boards” on each end?
    just line it across the insides of the cloth in a cable-tie of some sort. (maybe even make one from the same material as the pants, extra points)
    you could probably even loop it when it reaches the middle so that it has extra length to stretch… just make sure it stays away from the little man downstairs, don’t want to choke the poor guy.

  8. man! nevermind the y key id rather use my left hand then not have these at all!

    but im still a littly curious about how you wash them aand keep the linking components(whatever they may be) from detaching or getting watter damaged..

    I WOULD PAY if you could make theses Blutooth compatable with a phone or pc… just come in … take a sit, and start typing… wait can you type wile walking? lol

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