LED Enterprise


[Wolf] built this LED Enterprise model. It’s a ‘sparebot‘ assembled from leftover LEDs and resistors. Unlike most sparebot sculptural oddities, this one actually works. If you place it near a magnet, a reed switch closes to turn on the LEDs. A mechanical switch would have just caused more stress on the model. The part count is very low, but took some forethought. Two resistors are used to raise the resistance of the red LEDs to match the white LED. A quite clever and simple model.

19 thoughts on “LED Enterprise

  1. Something not quite right here. Need to raise the resistance to match the resistance of the white?

    Or the voltage drop across the white LED? Might just be semantics… But there is a difference.

  2. No, the resistors are not used to “raise the resistance of the red LEDs to match the white LED,” they are used to limit current. Yes, there is some internal resistance in LEDs (and he relies on such to limit current in the ~3V white LED), but there is a majority non-linear (therefore non-resistive) voltage drop in the operating range. You want on the order of 1-20mA for a typical LED; you get around 1.9mA if his reds drop 1.7V (a typical value).
    Just a little EE 101.

  3. Ahem!!
    The Bothans got involved with the Alliance after the first Deathstar was destroyed. And well after the group went and hid on a series of bases.

    Indeed these Bothans did indeed supply the Alliance with the location of the second one, and many were killed.

    But it has nothing at all to do with the Federation and Star Trek. The universe of the second oldest completely active series is ours.

  4. I might have to build one of these for myself.

    The fun appears to be making the model appear aesthetically appropriate while also operating and providing good enough mechanical stability to support itself.


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