[Hazard] is designing this open source POV system for bikes. With the recent release of Monkey Electric’s m464q, [Hazard] was inspired. He found the price tag of roughly $2,000 to be way too much though. He is designing his own and taking us along for the trip. He hasn’t quite reached the Monkey Electric level of features, but he does have image display and simple animation. He encourages others to join him in improving the design. He notes that the image on the back side of the wheel is mirrored, so text would be backwards. Maybe he can pick some tips up from this old project.

13 thoughts on “RGBike POV

  1. Excellent, I really hope this project gets close to that of MonkeyElectric’s amazing (but expensive) display, but I fear 16 LEDs is not nearly enough, I’d want triple or quadruple that amount.

    SpokePOV is good but it only caters for one colour and four frames of animation.

  2. While they’re at it, why not add analog audio input? You could plug in your MP3 player and have the wheels display cool effects in sync with the music. One wheel for each stereo channel. Or rear for bass and front for treble. Kind of like the Windozzz Media Player.

    However, that would require adding speakers to the bike as well… if we’re going overkill we could integrate the MP3 player on the bike. Imagine having the wheels display the title, artist, album and full-color cover art. That would be awesome.

  3. Is it just me, or does the Monkey Electric one not track RPMs? That is, it doesn’t seem capable of displaying a static image like LadyAda’s SpokePOV. I don’t see any mention of a magnet in the install guide so I assume not. For $2000, that’s unfortunate.

    I may just have to make the rgbike-pov sometime.

  4. Me and a friend did a simple bike wheel POV, but our experience showed that you need to go at least 30km/h to have a nice full picture. To be practical in more normal bike speeds at least two spokes (or going the full diameter of the wheel) need to be lit.

  5. @matt

    There is a version for cars (its called the pimpstar).

    This looks cool, I hope it can scale up with 2-3 sets per wheel on the same controller, so you can get a good effect at lower speeds

  6. @Jack,
    You’ve found the page for the M132. that’s a different unit.

    The price point came from the link in the story:
    “the video pro is built custom to order, pricing starts around $2,000 per system. contact us to discuss your application. “

  7. @jproach: You’re right. I hit the gallery button on the m464q page, which showed me pics and video of the other product. The Video Pro gallery is linked from that page and I skimmed over it.

  8. Yay! My project is on hackaday! :D
    For those who wish to see this project further developed, take in consideration that the lack of certain capabilities is due to the features I chose.
    – Single sided board;
    – Fit in 20″ wheels (wich i really didn’t test);
    – Arduino compabilility (which I also need yet to test);
    – All through hole components.

    But yes, I think the number of leds can be triplicated and still meet the time constraints. By triplicating the number of leds and TLC5940 or by using more LEDs and using several TLC5947.

    I believe monkeylectric is using a similar LED drive, because they also achieve 4096 greay scale levels :D

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