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Some grad students at Duke University have been working on a new tool for cell phones equipped with accellerometers. The software called  Phonepoint Pen, allows you to write with your phone in the air. Though we don’t find the applications they mention very practical, we could see this being very nice for application navigation. If you could program a 3 dimentional gesture to load certain apps, that would be nice.

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  1. rcrfc: maybe as a novelty toy it will do but definitely not mainstream

    Sounds like pretty much every feature that they bundle into phones these days. Also pretty much sums up about 98% of the Apple App Store.

  2. idea: it would be cool to rig an accelerometer up to a dry erase marker and do some similar decoding. Professors would get all their notes in digital form and I wouldn’t have to try to decode what the heck certain words were.

  3. it would be quite useful for a phone in your watch or whatever where you don’t have room for buttons. You could just have one button to say pay attention and then physical gestures for all the functions

  4. Just be careful you don’t leave it turned on in your pocket while out on the dance floor. I could imagine someone accidentally sending their grandmother a nasty “air text”.

  5. They should be hired by Lenovo immediately as they are good at over-engineering things. :)
    But wait, it would help me determine the path my phone took when I put it through the drying cycle in my pants pocket. Yay! :)

  6. Unfortunately a lot of the suggested applications can already be accomplished simply by texting yourself- something I do all the time…

    When i need to remember where i’m parked, when i last took my advil, or even details about a picture i’ve taken i can simply text myself and SAVE it as a draft to save the 2cents for a transmission and have an easier time finding it since there’s never much in that folder…

    Texting Yourself this type of stuff Is a cool “lifehack” though and if you text from your email ahead of time you can really get fancy and do longer lists/directions etc that you’ll need later but that are too cumbersome to type on a t9keyboard.

    Also is it just me, or is it faster to type a text using a T9 flip phone than a full screen keyboard phone-

    I thought “oooh this new lg with a full keyboard will make me a SUPER texter but now i have 30+ keys to sort through when before i only had 9 and my phone would guess my texts much faster than I could ever 2hand type them.

    now THAT would be a great app to find in the app store- Every time i type an email i have 30+ characters to deal with and my big hands dont help- 10 well-spaced and LARGE phonepad style buttons (0-9 with abc def etc) would be SO much easier especially for one handed typing… I’d love to hear peoples thoughts on this.

    plus Bob

  7. Also that above comment is in reference to my ipod touch and its emailing keyboard not my lg which i realize is not a touchscreen and therefore cannot be reconfigured lol

  8. Oh this gives me an idea though, you could have an augmented reality HUD and accelerometer pens and everyone could go around painting in 3D… you’d just have to have the system to see it. Its like a waaay advanced invisible ink… kinda. But you could graffiti your artwork everywhere. It would kinda be like an augmented reality Google Wave…. I wonder how much such a system would cost… and then the server to store the data… I suppose you could just have it shared between devices… or OOH! you could have it locationally p2p, and each device stores what it wrote, of course then it that person that wrote it wasn’t there or their device was off you couldn’t see it…. hmmmm….

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