PhonePoint Pen


Some grad students at Duke University have been working on a new tool for cell phones equipped with accellerometers. The software called ¬†Phonepoint Pen, allows you to write with your phone in the air. Though we don’t find the applications they mention very practical, we could see this being very nice for application navigation. If you could program a 3 dimentional gesture to load certain apps, that would be nice.



[Hazard] is designing this open source POV system for bikes. With the recent release of Monkey Electric’s m464q, [Hazard] was inspired. He found the price tag of roughly $2,000 to be way too much though. He is designing his own and taking us along for the trip. He hasn’t quite reached the Monkey Electric level of features, but he does have image display and simple animation. He encourages others to join him in improving the design. He notes that the image on the back side of the wheel is mirrored, so text would be backwards. Maybe he can pick some tips up from this old project.