14 thoughts on “Microcontroller Cheat Sheet

  1. I have these all hand drawn out on graph paper taped up to the walls of my work area. that way when I need a pinout I just look at the wall. while this isn’t a hack it is quite useful to those who do the hacking so I’m all for it. why stop here though how about adding pinouts for other common devices like 741 opamps, 555 timers, 12ax7 triode tubes, 78 and 79 series voltage regulators, 3904 and 3906 transistors, common pc ports and anything else you might use. I find myself constantly reffering to pinouts while I work. I will gladly print this out and hang it up in my shop.

  2. Great to see the ISP header pinout alone. It’s always a 15 minute search for me to find it whenever I’m developing a new board. Buried in the AVRISP manual somewhere or something…


  3. @tombola

    while you could do that, alot of us probably start designing a circuit on graph paper, without a computer, as it can be sometimes quicker. this is definately a nice bit of information to have around. and i also agree with steve on the other common parts that would be nice to have listed. i’m bookmarking this one to print out.

  4. laugh if you want. I’ve been doing electronics for 16 years. I make my living at this. while most of the time I can remember my most often used pinouts, but since I usualy end up doing most of my circuit boards by hand (I have and can use autocad, but most of my work is one off prototypes and time is always short so I end up making 80% of my circuit boards with a sharpie and some acid. there simply isn’t enough time to do the design on a computer and send it out to get made.) combine that with the fact that I usualy end up doing this stuff at 4:00am and you can see why I like to have a reference to double check myself before I do anything permanent. a simple mistake like that could easily cost me a full days work, and that delay could cost me a customer and all his word of mouth referals: potentialy thousands of dollars of buisness. I have a kid to feed; I can’t afford to make those mistakes. having my pinouts all up on the wall not only avoids these types of problems it makes my workshop look awesome.

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