Bus Pirate Preorder Update


We’re only four days into the Bus Pirate pre-order, and we’ve exhausted the supply of PIC24FJ64GA002s available in Shenzhen. Thank you for supporting Hack a Day’s first official hardware pre-order. You helped make it a huge success, and we definitely want to do it again in the future.

We weren’t kidding about the PIC shortage. Seeed sourced all they could from Shenzhen, and then tried Hong Kong. It’ll take 4 to 6 weeks to get more.

If you already ordered a Bus Pirate then nothing changes, your Bus Pirate will ship ASAP. In fact, PCB production should start a few days early. The first pre-order item name starts with “[Preorder]”.

New orders are now forwarded to a second pre-order. The new pre-order will take 4 to 6 weeks longer. It should ship about 6 to 8 weeks after July 3, 2009, but we’ll try our best to get it out sooner. The new pre-order item name starts with “[Preorder 2]”.

Read more about the Bus Pirate in our latest How-to. Thank you again for your support!

15 thoughts on “Bus Pirate Preorder Update

  1. AWESOME! I’m glad this is so successful, I ordered mine as soon as I saw the announcement :)

    I actually have project in the pipeline that will greatly benefit from having a bus pirate to hand!

    Thanks hackaday.

  2. There was rumor on one of the bus pirate comment threads last week about an upcoming tutorial on making test probes with hook / grabber leads. Is that in the works soon? I’m interested in making a set of test probes for the bus pirate that I pre-ordered as well as for another project, and I’m interested in where you guys might suggest as a source for the parts. I’ve found most of the parts at futurlec, and they have the hooks on allelectronics (black and red) or NKC electronics (full color set). Is there any good source that I can use for everything? Any thoughts?

  3. OK, I confess I have not been paying attention… However, I thought the original “Bus Pirate” was meant to partially automate the process of discovering unmarked debug ports on consumer devices.

    This device appears to aspire to be a multi-protocol to USB converter.

    Am I missing something?

  4. excellent job you guys and congrats on the success!

    I’m looking forward to the cable-how-to. I think I’ve got all the parts except for the 10-pin idc connector, which I’m sure I can salvage from *somewhere*.

    Fry’s had a 10-pack of color coded probe clips for $15. More than I wanted to pay, but they come in the pretty colors of the resistor color code!

  5. does seeed studio not have a secure registration page? i’d love a buspirate, but will make do without if seeed won’t even bother with an https url for logging in. i can’t imagine what else they don’t bother with.

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