Lunar Lander Remade


For those that are lucky enough to remember it, Lunar Lander was a fantastic game. Though it had simple vector graphics and highly repetitive game play, it kept us captivated. We probably lost entire weeks of our lives competing with friends to be the best. Well, now we can relive that experience with a physical version of the game. [Lain] built this fantastic arcade style game to replicate Lunar Lander’s game play exactly. The style of the project is fantastic with giant analog meters and dials giving real time feedback.  You even get a prize if you complete all 3 levels. You can get plenty of build details by going through his blog. Maybe he should hook up with the folks that built the Apollo landing computer replica to build the ultimate simulator.

[thanks Mike]

15 thoughts on “Lunar Lander Remade

  1. Very cool! I think it could be made even more impressive if e.g. a blacklight was used to highlight the moon lander, painted with phosphorous paint, while keeping the harness that moves it in the dark.

  2. this is absolutely beautiful! i wish i could play! maybe it could be brought back into the software world via a webcam and controls on a web page… i’d definitely play until i got an image of a button to print out

  3. re: sway – but that’s realism! The real one swayed plenty in that Hollywood soundstage where they set up all the Apollo shots! You just couldn’t tell on TV because having a shot from outside would have been a dead giveaway.


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