Paintball Turret Plans Released


[Jared Bouck] is on a roll this week. We just covered his Diamond thermal paste and now he’s got more for us. To celebrate the re design of his website, he has released the plans for the paintball turret. As you may recall, we absolutely loved this design when he originally showed it to us. Though he has had kits available for a while, he has finally put the plans up for download. You can cut your own parts and build it yourself. He mentions that version 2 is coming shortly, we wait with bated breath.

20 thoughts on “Paintball Turret Plans Released

  1. I actually really like this project. its a good platform to start doing more automated stuff from or at least use as a guide to take your project to the next level. but honestly…. how many people would even make one of these?

  2. Sad that there are still people doing ‘first’ posts; worse when they aren’t even first…

    I gotta say this turret would freaking hurt if you got hit with even like 2 seconds worth of rounds…lets see a video of someone getting hit with this sucker…

    I ‘bate with waited breath…

  3. This is freaking cool. Definitely not my thing at all, but freaking cool.

    Sure it may be silly, but its well thought out, well executed, and well developed.
    That and it took multiple skills, some forethought, and some development to produce. Not the usual half-assed fare.

  4. @Joatmon
    He acknowledges that in the next video and says he should invent an automatic squeegee for when that happens, so it’s not like he’s trying to cover it up.

    Very cool to see the plans go up for free :)

  5. @spotty spotter spots: i’ve got a use for one of those to keep the neighbourhood brats ‘offa my lawn’ without resorting to a shotgun… I have the advantage of a flat roof about 45ft high so one of those looking over the corner would work pretty well. :-)

    One modification I’d need to make would be setting limits on the azimuth and elevation to avoid accidentally peppering passers by on the public footpath just over the 4ft fence from my garden – entertaining though it might be, I doubt a patrolling cop would be too happy to discover they were in my sights… rofl

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