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Yo dawg, we heard you liked accelerometers… Apparently people have been wanting this for a while. We’re not completely sure why, so we’ll wait and see what gets done with it. [Ubiq_01] has connected a WiiMote to his iPhone and is using it to control and OpenGL application. He has released a tutorial (which seems to be down currently) if you want to try to reproduce it yourself.

[via Makezine]

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  1. hi there. small correction. ubiq_01 posted the video on his blog. I’ve done the demo and the video. The tutorial I’ve mentioned is about OpenGL-ES programming on the iPhone. It helped a lot but has nothing to do with the WiiMote.

    maybe someone can correct the original posting. :)


  2. Hook iPhone to TV. Hook 2-4 wiimotes to iPhone. Instant game system, and according to some game developers the iPhone 3Gs has more power than the Wii.

    Lots of uses for the ir camera in the wiimote as well (white board stuff, multitouch surfaces, etc).


  3. Why not use it as a “pen” text interface for the sms and mail and im apps? Write your msg with the wii on an immaginary piece of paper in middle air and the phone recognizes the letters and transforms it into standard text!
    Btw, the iphone does have text recognition for the touchscreen?

  4. this would be cool but who carries around a wiimote all the time?

    Solution- disguise the wiimote as a light saber and attach it to your belt. Whip it out and instead of using your dirty fingers to touch and choose. You can use your “light saber” to scroll through and choose. Cant wait till this thing takes off!!

  5. I would definitely want to see this on Windows Mobile as well. The HTC HD2 has virtually no buttons, which makes it extremely difficult to play emulated games on.
    I can’t find the MSI BGP100 anywhere, but a wiimote would do for what I use my HD2 for (NES, SNES)

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