Experimental Robotic Platform


Introducing ERP: Experimental Robotic Platform. This is an open source, modular robotics platform that, as you can see above, didn’t fair too poorly in the Robogames 2009. [John] has been working on this platform for roughly 2 years and states that it will never be “finished”. It is a development platform, and is always changing and being updated.  You can follow along on the project page to see the major design changes as they happen, such as the wheel suspension system cut from a single piece of plastic. All of the pieces, schematics, and software are available for download. Be sure to scroll down and see ERP’s reaction to some of crabfu’s inventions.

12 thoughts on “Experimental Robotic Platform

  1. ^^If you like the size of that, you should get a load of my, er, microcontroller.

    Srsly though, this is a very cool project and nicely documented. If only all projects were presented like this.

  2. Question…

    Am I the only one that notices that the robot is throwing, and the human is fetching?

    I think the interaction algorithms meed to be rewritten to suit a role reversal. Should not be hard as the robot already approaches and picks up the ball.
    It needs to be a more natural social activity, like a dog.
    A very very smart dog…

    All in all though, well done and documented.

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