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In the last few days, rooting the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G has become much easier. [Zinx] released FlashRec which lets you flash a new recovery image onto your Android phone. It takes advantage of Linux kernel vulnerability CVE-2009-2692. The app lets you backup your current image and then flashes Cyanogen’s Recovery Image 1.4. Once that’s done, you can use any custom Android build you want. Android and Me has documented the entire process on their site and points out the ridiculously large number of custom ROMs that are out there. Embedded below is a video from [unknownkwita] showing the rooting process.


19 thoughts on “1-Click Android Rooting

  1. Definitely the “rooting”. Same joke here in the states, just not as… idk, funny? But definitely the same feeling. Oh yeah, definitely the same feeling. (not really, but close)

  2. When are we going to see GSM Android phones unlocked for sale. Android is the biggest piece of vapor-ware in this respect. Even if there is an unlocked Android GSM phone in the wild I’ll bet they’re gouging you for $400-$600 USD each. Soooo disappointing with Android.

  3. @sam, dunno didn’t even check it, i ran the recovery flasher and then rebooted to install the rom of my choice. everything works great even the tethering works right out of the box

  4. @ drone, you can buy the unlocked version from the Android Development project. It’s only 349 USD I believe, at least it was that much last I looked. I highly doubt the price went up.

  5. First You have to downgrade to RC29. None of the normal methods worked for me.

    To even get Cyanogen working on my g1 I needed to Downgrade to RC29.
    Installed an older recovery.img
    Installed Hard SPL

    Root using telnet

    Then I had to upgrade BACK to a newer rom. So I used JF 1.51 Cupcake CRB45

    Then and only then would I be able to update to Cyanogen’s Recovery and then continue installing the Cyanogen ROM.

    Once it’s all done, CM updater takes care of all your needs.

  6. ok i bought a tmobile mytouch 3g that has been factory reset. i use ATT and the phone is pretty fucking useless for 2 reasons: 1: i need the unlock code to use my sim card..
    2: i can’t do the initial sign in to the gmail account via wifi, only via mobile internet, i read that rooting lets you bypass this crap feature.
    and the one rooting method i read seemed pretty fucking complicated as you need to make a goldcard and use another sd for some other card. i have only 2 microsd cards, the 4gb and my 8gb. the 8gb i gave to my stepmom until i bought the mytouch then i traded her the 4gb for my 8gb back because she will never use 8gb, she had barely used 10mb the whole time she had my card. and she doesnt know i bought the mytouch because she will shit a brick..
    so my questions: will rooting allow me to Sim network unlock without the stupid pin that doesnt look like its coming in the mail?
    will the sim network unlock pin tmobile/htc provides(if they ever do) still work for the phone after i root it, or should i wait until i can unlock it, then root it?
    and lastly: if i decide not to attempt to root and i never get the unlock code, who wants to buy a fucking mint, black mytouch 3g, with car/house charger, usb/charging/data cable, case, and hot pink rubber protective case lol/ in which case you would either need to have tmobile, get an unlock code, or be a fucking pro hacker and unlock it via usb if that’s possible.
    or can i unlock it via usb because that would be really nice.

  7. i should have watched the video. i need to use the girl’s sim card, the girl that sold me her mytouch. then i should be able to use the wifi. this wouldnt be a problem if i knew anyone with tmobile and the dataplan dammit. at least its not as gaylimited as apple, iphone, etc. but i wish i would have known this before i bought it so i didnt sit here for 2 weeks with a fucking useless piece of awesome shit when i could have just popped in her sim card for a sec and only had to wait for the sim network unlock pin.

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