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The 20th Hacking At Random has recently come to a finish. For the unititiated, Hacking At Random or HAR is a massive hacker festival that happens every four years in the Netherlands. Four days of technology obsessed hacking with roughly 2500 people definitely piques our interest. The event is riddled with classes and people speaking on subjects such as censorship and robotics. Quickly built networks sprawl across the entire area, with shacks set up for location of servers. We think there should be an official Hack A Day tent there next time. We mentioned HAR when we were talking about impromptu DECT networks and DECT phone modification. Be sure to browse through the multitudes of pictures located on the HAR website.

15 thoughts on “Hacking At Random

  1. wow i never knew that there were hackers in 1929. come on, you are just asking for me to regress back 15 years in maturity after that.

    security motto:
    be smart by not being dumb.

  2. oh and by the way, son. i remember the first one. and i’m not that old. you hardly mentioned the best part of the whole thing, hacking is in tents! (intense, get it? no?) its the whole idea why this event is different and cool. i suppose you weren’t on the scene with the few HUGE outdoor hacking conventions that happened over there in the nineties. those shots were a thing to see. ever imagined afew thousand monitors outside at the same time all modded out and hackers at half of them playing a cs tourney?

  3. |“i am drunk and i can’t seem to find my tent in
    |the middle of the night. is there a shuttle
    |service, or can i rent a golf cart?” “No”

    There were definitely some drunkards riding around on a tricked out golf cart (and even a mobility scooter) the last night at the bar ! I guess it must’ve been already rented out when you asked :)

  4. IIRC, there was a problem of the golf carts getting Hijacked. Until the learnt not to leave the keys in them and not leave them unattended long enough before the lock pickers got there :P

    All I know I was on gate duty on Sunday Morning, and I had to keep letting them through the gate as they were collected one after the other.

    I also remember seeing a golf cart all dressed in red with a hammer and sickle flag. That was surrounded by people in soviet like uniforms.

    But yeah, maybe next time we should produce a Hack-A-Day Village of some sort? I’ll be up for that. But I certainly won’t want to be there on my own.

  5. there was a hardware village, it was in the BSD tent. i was (chaotically) trying to garner enough table space and power and lights for all the workshops, i will try to post my pics this weekend.

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