Rotary DECT phone


[Al] sent us over to his Rotary DECT phone project, and we think its pretty cool. He’s attending Hacking At Random, and as usual, there will be a DECT network there. Rather than having a normal DECT handset like everyone else, [Al] wanted something a little homier. He chose to combine the guts of the DECT handset into an old rotary phone. He had to use an Arduino to convert the rotary output to someting the DECT handset could use. There’s plenty more information as well as some source code on the project page.

18 thoughts on “Rotary DECT phone

  1. i was thinking of picking up a few dect phones… the company i work for is trying to get rid of the last stock. next monday the will be selling them at a little over 6 EUR each (new). :P

  2. very nice job!

    especially the ringer solution – I will have to adapt something similar, mine still has the original solenoids and their inherent problems.

    Nice workaround there!

  3. Has anyone else noticed that in certain fonts, it’s hard to distinguish the letter ‘m’ from the letters ‘r’ and ‘n’ typed next to each other? “He wanted something a little bit homier.”….

  4. Kinda a cool project, but the phone he bought is almost listed on the ‘Known Not Working’ page at EventPhone. Lots of surrounding model numbers and the CD245S are listed there. Not the handset I would’ve chosen for this mod…

  5. @pfosten110

    Arduinos can be neat, they can also quite often just be a crutch for people with no imagination;

    I can see this project genuinely being able to justify one though.

    I did an old Western Electric 500 to work with my companies PBX with discreet components and a DTMF chip, but an arduino would have been a hell of a lot easier. especially getting the L and R on-hook buttons to act as # and * when pressed independently of each other so I could navigate voicemail, I’d just use an arduino if I do it again!

  6. “Has anyone else noticed that in certain fonts, it’s hard to distinguish the letter ‘m’ from the letters ‘r’ and ‘n’ typed next to each other?”

    Yes. The spacing between letters is known as kerning. There is a popular geek t-shirt around that says “Keming: the result of improper kerning”

  7. Does anyone know how to mod a pair of dect phones to become a wireless phone jack? need one for a project but my country does not seem to sell that

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