Homebrew Wii via the bannerbomb exploit


The Twilight Princess hack doesn’t work on newer versions of the Nintendo Wii, but thanks to a new exploit for the Wii, homebrew is still possible. Using an SD card and a few files, you can have the homebrew channel up and running in no time. The folks at Lifehacker show us how it’s done. It’s good to see that the Wii modding community is still in full force. Hopefully, this won’t turn into a back and forth battle between modders and Nintendo, like it has with Sony and the PSP.

26 thoughts on “Homebrew Wii via the bannerbomb exploit

  1. Please, no complaining about how this has been out for a while now. Not everyone sifts through gbatemp for the latest news. A clear, concise writeup is a worthy read for most people.

  2. Had to send my Wii off a month a few months ago because the DVD drive broke. I decided it was best to wipe it clean of homebrew and update to 4.0 so that Nintendo wouldn’t void the extended warranty. I got it back with 4.0 and I had to use Bannerbomb to get homebrew back, though it worked great. Only problem is, since this is a direct attack on the system menu, it is going to be a quick fix for Nintendo. If this fails, I read about another exploit based on the Twilight Hack that uses a malformed Brawl stage to crash the Wii. Since nothing is stored on the Wii directly, it is pretty much impossible for Nintendo to patch around other than by making new Brawl discs and stopping new discs from being exploited.

  3. I’d like to chime in here and speak on how well this exploit works. It’s FLAWLESS, in my opinion. I’ve tried it on both system software version 3.2 and 4.0 and I haven’t had a single problem with it. Even better is it gives you the choice of launching the program or ignoring the exploit and letting the Wii system function normally, which means you can leave the program on the SD card at all times without ever having to remove it. This is a good step forward from having to buy a specific Wii game to exploit a saved file (which I had to do before this exploit came out, thankfully it was a decent game). A+ to the creators.

  4. dude. i just finished setting up the hbc on my wii with bannerbomb two days ago. super easy, other than my own stupidity (didn’t rtfm) while trying to execute the bootmii loader through the channel screen instead of data management.

  5. This just simplified my life. I got a modchip about 2 yrs ago and put off installing it until wiis became more available (in case I screwed something up). Then I just sort of put it off. The allowed me to hack in less than 10 min. Though I spent another hr downloading apps. Now, I just just need to do the hacks to allow backups on USB HDDs.

  6. uhh. the original author specifically requested that people not hotlink the file. lifehacker is doing just that. granted, they are also linking to the page…but they are ignoring a direct request? that doesn’t seem cool…

  7. decided today i was going to mod my wii. never softmodded a wii before. i always check this site when i wake up. so i was surprised to see this thread. was very easy to do. thank you.

  8. Softmodding the wii is awesome, easy, and mostly safe. You *CAN* semi-brick your wii extremely easy when you start getting into the firmware downgrades and menu replacements. Anybody looking to get into wii homebrew, I suggest checkout DevKitPro – http://wiibrew.org/wiki/DevkitPro Not a bad little library, though I’ve heard some heated debate between devs about it using chunks of stolen/decompiled code. Also, your best bet getting help will be #wiihelp on efnet.

  9. I bought my wii about a week ago and used bannerbomb on it about 15 mins after I plugged it in to the tv. had a modded wii after about 20 mins of ownership. in my opinion this is infinitely superior to the twilight hack. did that on my gf’s wii right after the twilight hack came out and good lord was it a hassle. bannerbomb was quick and clean. now i’m enjoying all sorts of interesting homebrew.

  10. Hey yo,
    i have used the bannerbomb exploit on my wii, i did this like 3 months ago and i dont know if i have got an custom firmware on my wi right now. i have got the version: 4.1D (or 4.1E, i can’t remember and my wii is at a friend of mine) could some1 mail me if this is an custom firmware?
    E-mail = tim.hernaus@hotmail.com

  11. hip about 2 yrs ago and put off installing it until wiis became more available (in case I screwed something up). Then I just sort of put it off. The allowed me to hack in less than 10 min. Though I spent another hr downloading apps. Now, I just just need to do the hacks to allow

  12. i ran into a lot of people having the same problems as me ver 4.0U i found a really great guide that shows what version of hackme installer to dL and also bannerbomb i was having trouble til i found this guide hopefully it will help you (the guide is in spanish but i found i didnt need the sound just to read his screen in the video after i did i was able to install within minutes) i had to use version aad1fv105 of the bannerbomb cheers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48e34iM6aMU

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