XMPP And Home Automation


[Matthias] from Intuity Media Lab put together a nice bit on controlling office lights with XMPP from his Android phone. In the article, he explains the components involved in the project, why he chose XMPP, and lists everything you need to replicate it. The project makes use of a wide variety of tools and libraries, weaving together code from multiple languages to achieve its goal. Overall, his project is a welcome change in a world full of Twitterbased solutions.

9 thoughts on “XMPP And Home Automation

  1. When they put the xmpp client on the controller I’ll be impressed. Requiring a PC for control is kind of a bummer. OTOH, I suppose that could be a central control server with multiple legs out to controller devices.

  2. @bitbass agreed. XMPP messaging for automation is an easy way to manage different devices. When they actually get a machine in the lightbulb with a XMPP client and a connection (without breaking the bank), i’ll be more excited.

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