Proto-board Z80 Computer


We’ve seen  Z80 processor based computers before but they usually use a printed circuit board to easily and reliably connect all the components. [Marton] sent us his Z80 based computer from a while back that is built entirely on prototyping board. He made his own video board that utilizes a TV as the monitor and his own mainboard incorporating a keyboard controller. The system runs at 4 MHz, has 32k of ram, and runs [Marton’s] own system software which he has posted. Its quite impressive and we love the protoboard porn with thousands of grey wires running everywhere.

[Marton] used the resources on [Hans Summers’] site for his project. Make sure to check it out if you’re interested in a broader background concerning DIY Zilog Z80 computers.

19 thoughts on “Proto-board Z80 Computer

  1. @ nave.notnilc
    It probably could run CP/M with a little bit of tweakery, although it could really do with 64k to do it comfortably – especially if it’s going to be networked.
    I still miss my old TRS80/II that ran something very similar to CP/M on a z80 with 64k…

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