Rotating Lego Dock Take Two


Last week we saw a rotating iPhone dock built from Lego. This week we’re happy to put up another example of a dock made of these popular building blocks. Thank goodness this one takes into account all of the sudden jolts that our desk is prone to by incorporating shock absorbing springs. The design is very sleek with a jazzy red scheme and a less-is-more attitude. We are a bit concerned about our expensive hand held falling out but then again that’s what the springs are for. Who can be the first to put together a step-by-step guide for building this one?

[via Engadget]

45 thoughts on “Rotating Lego Dock Take Two

  1. really? lego again? and from engadget? this website has been going to shit since there was more than 1 hack a day.

    Bring back 1 hack a day
    bring back lowercase
    bring back black and white pictures

    stop messing this up guys!

  2. Being a long time visitor to this site, I have agree with the posters here who think it’s going to shit.

    This site used to rock and had plenty of cool projects but now you guys post every lame ass thing you find on the internet. Between this lame ass post and the horsecrap about matchbox car switches? Seriously? Matchbox cars and legos WTF is going on?

    We have plenty of lame ass websites we can visit to view and read about stupid shit like this if we gave a rat’s ass. I come here for something cool, something hackable, something that will entertain more than 60 seconds of my evening.

    Bring back the old site and lose the people who are running it now please. These aren’t hacks, these aren’t interesting, this is shit. Pure unadulterated shit.

  3. What in the fuck is happening to this site? Why don’t you just set up an RSS feed directly to slashdot and join the ranks of the rest of the bullshit sites. Fuck this place used to be cool, its used to be about hacking. Now I get to read about fucking arduino’s and lego. What the fuck is going on.

    Oh and to those who run the site, read the comments and take notice, your readers are pissed, and yeah you might be getting more readers but their cumulative IQ is quickly dropping. What are you doing trying to increase your page hit rating for all the lame “whats my site worth” websites. Go fuck yourselves for destroying what used to be a great thing.

  4. It doesn’t even have to be a hack per day. Maybe one or two per week. If they aren’t arduino’s and lego’s then everyone would be so much happier.

    Btw I don’t think the car switch “hack” was meant as a joke. I doubt the people who ask for step by step instructions for lego are smart enough to make a joke like that.

  5. i don’t know if it is the blogsmith management who have allowed the content on this site to become diluted with news recycled from engadget and slashdot or what, but i finally have to agree with everyone else. hackaday has been my homepage for about 2 years. Guess it’s time to use:blank. Thanks alot caleb kraft.

  6. Dude guys,

    I normally come to this site to see how other people solve problems I might one day have in the future and every small hack helps. Quit buggering the people of this site for doing such good work. Thanks a lot Hackaday.

  7. I’ve only been reading this site for maybe two months and this is my first comment:

    Even I, who has been here for a very limited time, notice the downhill direction of the projects on this site. I first started reading this site because of the projects that were a bit ABOVE my level. Inspiring me to try new ideas and start more ambitious projects, providing a challenge for me.

    These days, I’m massively bored by all the Arduino projects, Toy projects, etc. Nothing is being posted what I don’t already know or I can’t figure out myself in 20 seconds. No projects to get me thinking ‘What the hell that’s cool, how does that work’.

    And I’m no rocket scientist.

  8. Useless crap. My 8 year old daughter could do something better but probably she would refuse because it is too boring. What about a shredder for such stuff, with a micro controller of course.

  9. I´m very very disappointed, 2nd post about this… It even doesn´t rotate alone, you must use your hand!
    not really a hack, just a bunch of legos…
    it only need the “ages 3-5” in the bottom of the picture

  10. Really… LEGO hacks?

    Mike, I thought you were a bit slow with the telephone article; but that was forgivable. This… this is just abhorrent to anything resembling a hack. I hate using memes but this one is quite fitting for you “Never Go Full Retard”. Even that bit of wisdom, I fear, is casting pearls before swine.

  11. I’ve been a visitor every couple months for a long while, but only recently began watching the RSS feed. I have to second the content degrading thought.

    Personally though, lower case forcing, black and white pictures, and one hack a day, are un-needed. Black and white pictures have a certain artistic value, but the site isn’t impacted one way or the other over it. Lower case comments is just a gimmic.

    Limited hacks per day though, that could be a good idea. I’m too much of an information junkie to want only one tidbit each day. That’s honestly why I didn’t visit the site much before RSS. With only one post per day, I could catch up on months of the site updates in 30 min and I wouldn’t need to come back for months again. Of course the occasional hack would catch my interest and provide another 30 min of reading, but for the most part the site didn’t have much content so I forgot about it.

    Maybe just a limit of how many posts per day… or at certain times. Like 2 updates a day, midnight and noon. That will help store up content for more days and allow editors to filter some things out… like Lego devices that don’t even DO anything except sit there.

    To ME, the definition of Hack-a-day is a site that shows people taking existing things and making them do things they were not designed to do. A brand new project with an Arduino controlling it can be cool, but it’s certainly not a ‘hack’. The Arduino was designed precisely to do such things. It is not outside of design specs to make a machine like that.

    Now, if you yank your neighbor’s car engine and mount it outside your house as a generator to power your computer… maybe we’d all like to laugh at that. At least it’s really in the ballpark of ‘hack’.

    Slow your roll, take a deep breath, and make your goal to capture at least some of what we all love about hack-a-day. Fewer, high-quality updates will keep us around for a long time. Publishing 100 updates a week full of junk like this one will destroy your base, and even the fluff that like this kind of thing will fade away when you start posting “Two lego bricks connected at an angle to form a stand for your pen!” Detailed write-up: Brick one snapped into brick two and Viola! Pen holder!


  12. I think it’s too late: “All your base are belong to us!” (as in YOU FUCKED UP). I do believe that most of your reader base has already jumped ship. I’d rather watch the grass grow than read this tripe..

    I’m sure that most of us can attest that we were doing this kind of ‘hack’ since we were old enough to speak. I think I’ll be spending more time off the net and at the workbench. This has gone beyond forgivable.

  13. I have learned many things from this site over the last five years, I have posted under many aliases,
    Kevin bane, kvman, dash, kyle007… Im thankful my job I get to take both software and hardware apart on a daily basis.
    I have used this site as a reference and a source of spark to trigger my own mind in a creative CRACKING manor, you people are smart and if you don’t see what’s going on you can join the masses when we become idiocracy. This site despite the profanity of the commenter’s is also triggering the spark for younger genera , so what! Incite a flame war and while you’re at it click on one of our many sponsored adds and make us some revenue… oh wait pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..
    But seriously everything changes and everything grows, it’s up to you to decide if you will follow, and you know you will; (tinkering)is in your blood, that why you are here…..

  14. You are all missing the point. Hack a day is place where we the reader can cast their daily vote via comment for which of the article submitters is the biggest hack.

    my vote for today: Mike Szczys

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