Dance Of The… (construction) Cranes


Hacking is all about using parts and resources in an unconventional way. If stringing a pair of high-rise cranes with LED Christmas lights and making them move to a piece of classical music isn’t unconventional, then we don’t know what is. For nearly a quarter of every hour last night, 2 crane operators, along with two ‘choreographers’, swung and spun the cranes around in a coordinated fashion. The project was created by [Brandon Vickerd] as part of Nuit Blanche.  Its purpose was to showcase the technology that builds the cities we live in. A live video stream from various viewpoints was projected on site, below the cranes.

16 thoughts on “Dance Of The… (construction) Cranes

  1. My camera wasn’t quite able to pickup the sound, as I had to stand a bit of a distance away to get the image. The CN Tower video came out a bit better (and with sound).

  2. Hey, I was one of the “coreographers” for that show. Even I’ll admit that the video made the dance look boring. Let me assure you though that it was actually quite interesting when viewed in person. Brandon did an amazing job coreographing the dance. In case anybody is wondering there are aprox 1000 LEDs on 687 feet of wire on either crane. I was the lucky one that got to walk out on the boom 20 stories up to put up the lights. Imagine my surprise when I come check out my favourite hacking site and see a story about such an unusual hack that I was a part of. Keep up the good word hackaday!!

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