CNC Router On The Way


We love CNC hacks, so when [Jonny] sent in his nearly complete CNC router we were ecstatic. There are only a couple of posts thus far, and it takes some digging, but its pretty easy to understand his mindset and overall plan while making the CNC. It currently has full 3 axis movement and he replaced the previously dinky Harbor Freight Dremel with a much more powerful DeWalt that even Tim Taylor would be proud of. Software side of things he uses a combination of EMC2 and their collection of open source CAM codes. The project is coming along nicely and more updates are promised. Check out some more videos after the break.



13 thoughts on “CNC Router On The Way

  1. I’m sorry, I have to do this but, I am tired of people trying to make their own NC equipment. Yea its a cool project and he did a nice job with the lead screws and gib ways, but still. Two hose clamps holding the spindle on? how are you even supposed to get the spindle Parallel with the z axis and keep it there? If you wanna build your own, go to a machinery graveyard and pick up a old cnc mill for probably less than 1000 bucks! that way you can have the rigidity of the casting! Then put whatever control you want into it! If you look around, you can get older fanuc NC controllers for less than 300 bucks! I have to say, good job on building this NC mill. But you took the wrong route on it. Start from scrap and retrofit.

  2. I’m sure most home CNC builders do it for fun, not for production. I could probably get a used working plotter on ebay for $10, but I wouldn’t get even a tyniest fraction of fun I got from building my own plotter from scratch.

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