Football Hero


For Kasabian’s new single Underdog, they decided to do something original. After dreaming up a Guitar Hero style controller powered by soccer football players, they set out to make it happen. Using 5 wall mounted pressure sensors connected to a microcontroller, they hooked up the rig to a computer running Frets on Fire (an open source Guitar Hero clone) with a custom version of their single. After an afternoon of practice, the team was able to 5 star the song, and while this isnt the only or most complex Guitar Hero hack, we would love to have this in our house.

Video after the break.

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17 thoughts on “Football Hero

  1. @Jamie: Sorry.. forgot the /sarcasam tag. ;)

    @Kyle: WTF are you talking about? I meant exactly the opposite (well, perhaps for the rest of the population, I can see your point).. though I don’t care much for contact sports. I prefer hanging off a cliff some 300′ off the ground ‘on the sharp end’..

  2. @Zorink
    Hack A Day wouldn’t have posted it otherwise.

    This was interesting to watch/read about, but they should have made a music video with it or something, not just a short documentary type thing.

  3. I personally hate football as a sport!

    To call it soccer would just be crazy – Football- let’s split this up – Foot- Ball, that’s what the games about hitting a ball with your foot.

    Soc-cer? – eh yeah?

    @medix – Finally an American that’s seen the light and realised that the Americans have a tenancy of butchering things.

    What ticks me of is when I’m on xbox live and a little American child tells me to go learn to speak English – Mate I’m from England you go brush up on your skills.

    On another no *rant over* – Not a fan of Kasabian but that’s very very clever of them, especially with the new DJ Hero.

  4. although I strongly disapprove of arduino in all of it’s forms, I have to admit not only is this a really well made game interface/system but also imagine the fut bol skills this is building, it would be better if each lane had a way to guide the balls back to the starting position to allow for faster reload and ability to play a longer, continued game, also it would make play by a single person a lot more feasable instead of hoping they will bounce exactly back to the player who kicked it

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