Cheating RockBand (again)

Sure making a robot that plays the game RockBand for you seems a little cheap at first, but no human can possibly hit that 30 triplet note straight ending in a button mashing contest. To finally get his high score [Joe] made a setup to play the game for him, on the iPhone. We’ve seen some very different Guitar Hero hacks before, but none that had to get around the touch capacitance screen on the iPhone. What version of the game should be hacked next? We think Football Hero would be a good start.

[via Make]

17 thoughts on “Cheating RockBand (again)

  1. @Sash

    That game looks like it’s actually in time with the music. From what I can tell most of the guitar heros and clone games have really bad song… maps?

    Anyway, not a bad hack, but I hate the games soo much. Lol

  2. @Bandwevil

    Can the brain even process images from the eye that quickly in real time? In order to play that fast, they basically memorize the patters of the song. After playing the same thing a million and a half times, they have an amazing ability to accurately button mash in the correct patterns.

    I hope that person plays the piano or does something with their talent besides play the same video game every day. I wonder at what age their hands are going to be messed up from doing the same motion repetitively.

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