Time-lapse Courtesy Of Arduino


[Ross] put together a small package for use with time-lapse photography. The Nikon camera he’s using can snap a picture when it receives an IR command. [Ross’] solution connects an IR LED to an Arduino to generate this signal. The delay between frames is set with a potentiometer that is read in through the ADC. This is quite a bit less involved than the last solution we saw.

The unit consisting of an Arduino clone, a 9v battery, and the IR LED on a cable is easy to fit into a camera bag. He’s posted the code and we’ve embedded an example of his work after the break. An enclosure as well as time references around the potentiometer would complete this handy tool.

[flickr video=http://www.flickr.com/photos/tinyenormous/3239591795/]

11 thoughts on “Time-lapse Courtesy Of Arduino

    1. @Kaj: I disagree… the other controller that was linked in the story has an LCD for this purpose. I like this solution for its simplicity… chances are (even if you don’t have an Arduino) that you have the components on hand to make something akin to this. Really, just putting a piece of paper around the POT and marking times at different points on the dial would be good enough for me.

  1. If you’re going for simple I’d slap a pot on this thing instead:

    Easy to make and works perfectly. I slapped one together the night of the yearly Perseid fireworks. Sadly my camera was ALWAYS pointed just to the side of the shooting stars. Missed one in particular that was absolutely stunning, came straight over my head and “into the water” in front of me and stayed on the sky for a few seconds. But I’m not bitter…

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