25 Scariest experiments

Warning: This video contains actual footage of a severed dog head, kept alive. Watch at your own peril.

[Annalee] over at io9.com has gathered together the 25 scariest science experiments.  There are some truly frightening pieces, like the cyborg beetles which we’ve seen before, all the way to silly stuff like the guy who re grew his thumb using pig powder. Next time you’re thinking of admonishing someone for creating a flamethrower, or a super fast scooter, consider for a moment that they’re not burning peoples nasal passages to stop masturbation or creating zombie severed dog heads like the one in the video above.

113 thoughts on “25 Scariest experiments

  1. @therian


    If we would follow your logic you would probably be around the firsts humans to be on the table with the friking machine connected to your neck…

  2. (note: i did not take the time to read the previous comments)

    ok, forgive my strong language, but this is seriously fucked up. i knew russians were crazy, and that they all need their heads checked, but seriously? reanimating a dog’s head? what the fuck is wrong with you people?

  3. btw, to all of you talking about the dog being in pain:
    if you look at the youtube page (and they mention it a few times in part 2), the dog and a half they use are under heavy sedation so they don’t feel pain.

    quite right, they cannot bark at all. no air passing through the vocal chords, so they can’t make sounds

  4. Understand where displease reader is coming from but i have to agree with everyone else. It deffently paved the way for modern inprovments, Someone has to cross the line from time to time to find out where it is. If no one pushed the bounds we would still be cave people! DEffently CRAZZIe

  5. @Dr: Jan Itor
    “RATS ARE NOT INTELLIGENT!!!!!?????????. LESS THAN A DOG?????!!!!! OMFG WTF!”?,”
    Mr. Retard you answer you own question
    Mr. Sugar Coat Retard go kill you grandma, she isn’t more important or worthy than cockroach you step on yesterday, and don’t forget to kill all those annoying babies you see on your way to grandma

    “So you’re saying intelligence is a good criteria to judge one’s right to live. Interesting.”
    That why we don’t eat monkeys dolphins and other humans, the more animal intelligent the more it like us and related to us and the more closer to cannibalism it will be for us.

    Let’s say you captured by terrorist and at gun point to you head you have to point on map one house which they will bomb. Which house you pick ? Your own, good neighbors/friends or someone random who you don’t relate to?
    Well the dogs are those good neighbors/friends. Dogs become more close to humans than any animal.
    So if medical experiment has to be done, it can be done on rats, cows, pigs, what ewer just not on FRIENDS
    And if you don’t see the logic why dogs are worst choice for doing such cruel experiments you are retarded

  6. “That why we don’t eat monkeys dolphins and other humans, the more animal intelligent the more it like us and related to us and the more closer to cannibalism it will be for us.”

    You might not eat them, but I assure who many people eat all those things including dogs. Your ignorance is astounding.

    “So if medical experiment has to be done, it can be done on rats, cows, pigs, what ewer just not on FRIENDS”

    SOUTH PARK – WHALE WHORES = All these questions answered

  7. Fake/dishonest/junk science:

    1. The lung isn’t “breathing”. It is being inflated and deflated by external air pressure. They happen to be forcing blood through the lungs using a pump while this is going on.

    2. The heart is also being pumped with external pumps forcing blood into it. It is not beating on it’s own in any way.

    3. A sudden loss in blood pressure in the head = instant unconsciousness. Even if you were to revive the dog, it would be in shock/incredible pain. If you numbed the dog first, it would not react to stimuli. If you didn’t numb it, it would pass out from the pain if not die from it.

    4. We cannot keep alive humans with multiple organ failure even now. Brain dead bodies can be kept alive, but functioning heads with destroyed internal organs cannot be kept alive. If they could do this back then, why can’t we do that to humans waiting for organ transplants now?

    5. This is soviet Russia right? They would have tested this on political prisoners before trying it on a dog.

    6. How has no one made a Futurama joke? I’ll go. Why wasn’t this dog head cast for Futurama? Because they already had the severed head of Lucy Liu.

    I know it’s not great, but at least I’m trying.

  8. Interestingly enough I actually want to devils-advocate that it’s possible this video was created as propaganda to make one believe someone had some breakthrough that would essentially keep us ‘zombies’. I immediately thought of how US may have faked the moon landing in efforts to scare others that we made some vast accomplishment during wartime. Political hacking?

  9. 100% FAKE – if you study biology you should knwo than brain dies after 5 minutes without oxygen, only a few parts works -BUT THEY DON’T HAVE CONNECTION – it’s like motherboard without cpu ;)
    So that’s all about soviet propaganda ;)

  10. @madmax
    You should also know that the USSR was working on cooling bodies to lengthen the time until cell death about the same time. You could get a brain to survive quite a lot longer than 5 minutes with that method.
    I believe the experiments to be real.
    And props to Hack A Day, I enjoy a well rounded technology education. (It’s the Arduinos they should cut back on)

  11. Woo hoo! Bringing back the Links posts!!! I like dogs a bit too much to watch the vid, but I’m LMAO at the comments of everyone taking each and every article WAY too seriously. Nice one, Caleb!

  12. I find this hack extremely disgusting.

    Though I understand the reasons for conducting live animal testing, and how medical science benefits from this, I simply can’t see how the editorial staff of hackaday.com could find it a good idea to publish this revolting experiment.

    Your contents are slacking. I see an increase in random gadget articles, a decrease in good hacks and I see this article as a pathetic attempt to generate a visitor increase in terms of some perverted “Ripleys believe it or not” effect.

    This article has settled my mind. Hack a day will no longer be one of the sites I will visit during my morning coffee.

    Your bad editorial efforts have just costed another reader.

  13. In the movie “crank 2” there is a scene where there is a human head being kept alive in an aquarium.

    Now, I know where they got it from.

    Also, there are people who have just their heads frozen in cryostasis in the hopes that one day science will be advanced enough to regrow their bodies and cure their diseases.

  14. ok hold up, reality check, perhaps not the site for the vid but on the other hand, “someone” had to do this, you,me and at least 40% of the human population wouldn’t be alive if experiments like this didn’t happen. so what if it “might be” doctored no pun intended. the first human to do a successful heart transplant didn’t one day decide he was just going to try it for shits and giggles. Experiments like this happen every day in every advancing society. Put aside the ethics and perception factor we have today, this was done in a time where HBM’s were non existent. The idea to recirculate blood with a machine had to start somewhere. so yea, it was a hack, perhaps not in the context that is normally displayed here but to take something alive dog/cat/human whatever, remove its vital organs and attach it to a mechanical pump that looks like a hack to me. I feel sorry for the pup but most of us here wouldn’t have done it,I sure wouldn’t have, I’m glad the soviet’s had the idea but am sure somewhere in the USA some Dr did the same thing but we just haven’t seen it posted to youtube yet :-)

    hum so this is what troll bate feel like..

  15. In the interests of disclosure, let me admit that I love all animals, particularly dogs. My last dog died of cancer, and when he finally did, I was there with him, holding him in my arms. Yes, I cried.

    I, too, think that the dog head experiment disgusting and of dubious scientific value. It is disturbing and should raise some questions about what constitutes legitimate “experimentation” where animals are concerned.

    But having said all that, you people who are whining about this Hackaday post need to grow up.

    There is no constitutional right to freedom from being offended. That is the price you pay for a society that allows for free expression and the free exchange of news, information, and ideas. Nobody requires you to read Hackaday or anything posted on this site.

    I respect the fact that you regard this material as offensive and inappropriate for your consumption. But by demanding that this sort of thing never appear on Hackaday, your are taking it upon yourself to judge *for me* what is inappropriate for *my* consumption. Frankly, that’s not your right, and not your business to do.

    Little children and psychologically retarded adults benefit from censorship. Mature, normally-adjusted adults do not.

    As long Hackaday warns in the post of potentially disturbing content to follow, they’ve discharged their duty to mature, normally-adjusted adult readers.

    I have said this before in regard to the “that’s not a hack” trolls. No web site, not even Hackaday, can be all things to all people. If you don’t like what you see here, leave or start your own site. If enough people do that, then the operators of Hackaday will have to make the strategic decision to either change their direction, or keep going the way they are. The readers will decide if they made the correct decision on the basis of their web traffic. This is how the free market works.

  16. Granted, the dog head (if in fact detached) experiment gives me the chills. We’re wired to react emotionally to violated organisms. But, as others have said, such hacks are the stuff from which medical technology is built. I think the issue here is that many of the commenters aren’t often – if ever – confronted with examples of biological research.

    If you have a serious objection to the dog in principal (rather than because it upset your lunch while idly surfing), you’re r-e-a-l-l-y not going to like some of the things Walter Reed was up to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Reed#Biography

  17. Hahaha holy shit what a bunch of fucking pussies. It’s a goddamn dog, whining about how “OMG CRUEL” it is doesn’t make a dick of difference; the dog’s dead, the scientists are dead, it doesn’t fucking matter–nobody wants to hear your moral bitching, it’s pointless.

    Anyways, great hack lmao.

  18. I worked with this electrician named Ruud.
    He told about the time had to measure the voltage of the distribution cable (the cable delivering power to the homes, i don’t know the proper english jargon). He was in a ditch measuring the voltage, it was raining, the foreman was being nervous and kept on insisting to speed everything up. In all this commotion Ruud dropped one of the measuring leads and it made a short circuit. The cable transported more than a 100 Amps, a short circuit will go up to 10 times the normal amperage.

    Next thing he was holding the skin of the left part of his face in his hand. He didn’t faint he still wished he had.

    Now try to imagine the pain that dog has been forced to endure.

  19. Wow,Someone went to an awful lot of effort to create this fake video.As pointed out earlier the heart isn’t beating,the lungs aren’t breathing and the rest of the dog is under the table.The head clearly isn’t severed as the muscles that control the lips wrap around the head and down the shoulders of the animal.Add to that the obvious overlay of the words “citric acid” on the bottle and it is plainly a fake. I doubt very much that it is even a Russian video.


    Caleb, in ancicent times when men had failed as badly as you, they would throw themselves on thier swords. I would suggest everyone just shifts over to hackedgadgets from now on.

    I have supported hackaday since the start, this posts marks the last time I will view this site.

  21. Too bad the brain also requires glucose, H2O and white blood cells, the notion that dog would survive longer then a few hours is preposterous.

    If it got an infection from the surgery to remove its…..body it would die, if it had an infection prior to the surgery it would run rampant in the dogs brain until death.

    The eyes would dry out, swallowing would trigger horrifically painful muscular contractions in the esophagus.

    Dehydration would cause the dog to hallucinate.

    All of this, while easily called torture, paved the way for medical treatment today, including heart / lung bypass machines and open heart surgery.

    A black past makes for a bright future?

  22. OK we got dog heads, mind control, cannibalism, 4chan, politics and we got a lot of opinions.
    But guys we forgot ONE important thing…
    The… ILLUMINATI!! Because combining electronics and satanic-occultism is just too awesome.

    Gabriel: “Hey look, I connected the AVR to the slave girl!”
    Kabbal: “Wow, lets make her sacrifice her sister on the altar! It is time anyway.”
    Gabriel: “Do you think she will be smarter if we switch to Linux?”
    Kabbal: “NOO, dumb girls are sexy!”
    Dark Priest: “Stop that! I told you we have to finish the H1N1 project!, you know those are orders from above!”

  23. Sooo…ahhh whatca think they keep that hammer around for.?. Just to create auditory stimulus?? Perhaps. I most certainly hope not. Hammers have many other uses in medical settings. ;O!

  24. Wow…thats one of the most disturbing things the internet has shown me to date, fascinating but also entirely disturbing.

    Possibly one of those thigns i wish i could un-see but i do appreciate what that sort of thing was working towards!

  25. Just to fill in on why the lungs are fake:

    Lungs work not by inflating and deflating themselves but by using a vacuum in the chest cavity. When breathing in you rib cage will expand (using its muscles) creating a vacuum in your sealed chest cavity. This will cause your lungs to expand as the atmospheric air pressure will be greater than your lungs.

    When breathing out your intercostal muscles (I think that’s how you spell it) between the ribs contract creating greater pressure in the cavity and expelling the air.

    This is why people struggle to breathe when they get a puncture wound to the chest cavity. In first aid training that covers this area you are told to seal any puncture wounds like this to ensure this process can take place.

    So to see lungs magically inflate and deflate in the video doesn’t make any sense at all. There is no muscle in the lungs themselves so they must be being inflated from external pressure rather than on their own.

  26. Why would they go to all of the trouble to show you what the head does and then never show the connections that they made to the head? It reminds me of the talking dog joke (After getting kicked out of the bar the dog says “maybe I should have said Dimaggio”).

  27. @Infidellic: If you actually listened to the video, they explained that a pump was used to forcefully push air into and out of the lungs. All they tested was the ability of the lungs to properly add oxygen to the artificially pumped blood.

  28. Clip is old news, also, how are all of you so sensitive and pansylike? Grow up, worse things happen every day to children and parents and humans. This is one dog who died for science.

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