25 Scariest Experiments


Warning: This video contains actual footage of a severed dog head, kept alive. Watch at your own peril.

[Annalee] over at io9.com has gathered together the 25 scariest science experiments.  There are some truly frightening pieces, like the cyborg beetles which we’ve seen before, all the way to silly stuff like the guy who re grew his thumb using pig powder. Next time you’re thinking of admonishing someone for creating a flamethrower, or a super fast scooter, consider for a moment that they’re not burning peoples nasal passages to stop masturbation or creating zombie severed dog heads like the one in the video above.

113 thoughts on “25 Scariest Experiments

  1. “Zombie” dog heads? Only if you call people on heart and lung bypass machines during surgery zombies. The dog experiments were legit science and paved the way for current open heart surgeries.

  2. i didn’t know that hackaday was 4chan now that’s fucked up, i mean seriously i can understand if it was just a guy talking about it and the diagrams but actual video footage of the dog head? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU HACKADAY

  3. Yeah, real life scientific experiments are scary and bad. They should be banned and burned, just like books!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I honestly am not sure if the comparison of Hack a Day to 4chan was for real, but either way, it was good for a laugh.

  4. That’s crazy. With the lungs, were they just pumping air in and out to oxygenate blood?

    I imagine there are videos in a vault somewhere of soviet scientists running their heart-lung bypass machine with a whole dog, or even a person…

  5. please.

    hackaday used to be a good site, that featured hacks. you know, re purposing things, building things.

    now its all how to steal from google books or oh hey look, someone cut off a dogs head.

    We should have a way to vote on articles, or maybe color code them as to authors so we can only read articles written by people we enjoy reading.

  6. The video is just partially fake. Lung and heart bypass experiments make sense.

    The decapitated dog head is questionable as they don’t go into the details. Metabolically they don’t mention a cleaning out the metabolic waste produced by cells (kidney/liver is missing). Also the part where the mouth moves is a little disturbing. There are a lot of muscles required to perform those actions, the dog head doesn’t even moved. There seems to be some anchor (like the rest of the dog body).

  7. I’m assuming this is the video of the Russian scientist’s work (there was an American scientist named White who accomplished a similar experiment by grafting the head of a live dog onto another dog’s shoulder kinda like the Greek myth of Cerberus). I looked into this a bit and what most people have concluded is that the results he claimed in his research papers are, probably, true but that the movie itself was staged by Soviet propaganda agents to exaggerate the success and win “points” during the cold war. My understanding is that the real dog head wasn’t quite as responsive and didn’t live quite as long as the video claims.

  8. oh man, i was looking into this stuff back in September on wikipedia. all the morbid experiments that the Germans, Japanese, and Soviets did were disturbingly interesting. the only problem is, i forgot what the terms i was looking up where… messed up stuff… but interesting nonetheless.

  9. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Creating body parts is the ultimate hack. If it actually worked, awesome. I doubt it would work for very long. It would need insulin and various other hormones. The blood might start coagulating in their air mixer device, and wouldn’t that suck to have cold blood going through your arteries.

  10. someone called me??… huh?’..

    okay… so come on!… this is interesting but… come on… I’ve seen a guy getting decapitated a dude torn in half, a dismembered girl… but this… this is just plain sad, if you’re going to “hack a head”, at least do it with a human, not with a completely innocent animal… plus maybe you can get the guy to talk about how he feels.

    I’m sorry Caleb, but I don’t think this is the right blog to post this kind of stuff.

    now… I’ll be back to hacking the penny in the door machine.

  11. therian : Do rats inherently have less a right to life than dogs or is it just because you decided so ? (Personally I’m fine with this. It’s a fallacy to believe medicine can advance without in vivo experiments)

    While a head without a body is cool, a body without a head is even cooler. Especially when the animal survives without any apparent problem (fed by its owner) for 18 month. That’s the famous Mike, the headless chicken:

  12. Its easy to hack body parts… all you need is a hatchet and then get out the trusty “autojector mk2” hook it up to the artery and veins and your away…

    no arduino needed :P

  13. Therian it’s cruel and unusual to do that to any animal. I don’t like to see a dog like that either, but you will end up doing something sick no matter what. That’s just a given. The catholic church did experiments trying to graft monkey heads or some shit like that. With barbarously prehistoric equipment no less. Maybe modern experiments should be done on war criminals (I guess that would be stooping too far though.).

  14. As entertaining as it is, the video is fake. The dogs body is recessed under the table (an old carnival trick) with some fur off to the side to cover the hole. If the head had been severed, it would not have the range of motion that is being exhibited. The tongue would not work as well as it is being shown to do. I don’t believe that the face would respond as it did either. The dog appears to have been sedated. The “experiments” that they are performing actually disprove its authenticity.

    I am curious to know what is in the special sauce.

  15. @vic
    “Do rats inherently have less a right to life than dogs or is it just because you decided so ? ”

    at least rats not as intelligent as dogs. And Dogs are most intelligent animals we have around (well I don’t think many of us have dolphins or monkeys as pets). Rats dont serve in army, they dont sacrifice themself in arctic cold to heat with their body heat lost person in snow which they found before rescue team. Rats dont guar owner grave for 5 years. Rats don’t give their live to save human family member from atteck or go against their nature instincts and protect cattle.
    And rats don’t conciser us as
    their family/herd

    so yes it better to sacrifice for cience rats than someone who accept human to their own herb and tread him as family member.

  16. what is with all the hate people? this is cool science stuff that paved the way for the lives we live today. all the people comparing hack a day to 4chan obviously clicked a link to hack a day by accident hoping to see a severed dog’s head. if the dog’s head is actually severed the video conveniently does not show how the tubes and machine are connected to the dog’s head. and as others have said, the head would not move as much as it did if it was just laying on a table not connected to a body.

    now if we could shrink the machine down to a backpack size, put it on the backs of deceased manual labor workers, obviously with a micro-controller interfaced to the brain for control, we could have cheaper labor than we have now but with a whole lot better quality of work.

  17. The thing is like life support, that can keep you “breathing” and your heart pumping. It is kinda odd that the dog was not yelping out in pain when its head was there though? Wonder if the brain was “alive” at that point.

  18. forgot to add, yes this is cruel but it has helped medical science, and this is kinda like running an engine out side of a car, or running a cpu across the table from your motherboard.

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