Stereoscopic 3d With A PIC Micro

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[Pyrofer] sent in his stereoscopic game project and we are just giddy with excitement. He has hacked apart an old TomyTronic 3D handheld viewer and put new guts in. He’s using a PIC micro to push stereoscopic imagery to twin LCDs. He wrote all code from scratch including the 3d library, wii nunchuck driver, and LCD driver. This thing even has bluetooth so he can play multiplayer if he ever makes a second one. The whole unit is kept alive via a lithium polymer battery so you don’t have to worry about any cords other than the wii nunchuck.  This thing is awesome, we would love to play with one. You can see a video after the break.


13 thoughts on “Stereoscopic 3d With A PIC Micro

  1. Looks like the craft from Elite.

    That would be so cool, to be able to play Elite on a re-purposed Tomytronic 3D :)

    You could throw an accelerometer into the mix so you have to tilt your head to steer the ship, like the Radica Stealth game which you hold like a Tomytronic 3D and has a rudimentary gyroscope like sensor for flight control but only one screen instead of two.

  2. I took a walk across a pretty large toy store and I could find no View-Master-alikes and the personnel only shrugged when I asked them. This is funny, one’d think that they are not more obsolete today than they were 20 years ago when they were omnipresent.

    On a side note: wouldn’t stereoscopic resolution be severely limited by low resolution of regular LCD displays? Youtube has some stereo clips and when I zoom them out to the resolution of a typical Nokia-phone screen, differences between left and right eye seem to scale away to sub-pixel range.

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