Robo-one Dance Competition

This year at the creepy robot dace-a-thon, also known as the Robo-one dance competition, we get to see the creepy brought to new levels. We thought the Lou Vega decapitated head bot was creepy, but somehow these people managed to make a biped out creep a hexapod. Watch above as this uncanny valley resident tries to shimmy into your heart. We really are impressed by these bots though. The world of robot dancing has come a long way, those little servo bags are doing a better job than us on the dance floor.

34 thoughts on “Robo-one Dance Competition

  1. Here I was, a couple of days ago, thinking the breakdancing robot was creepy and obnoxiuous.

    But this is bringing creepyness to a whole new level. What the hell is wrong with these people dressing the biped as a Hentai schoolgirl? Hentai translates to ‘abnormality’ or ‘perversion’ which is the category I would put this in.

    Don’t get me wrong I love robotics but this video leaves me with a disturbed image of where this is heading.

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s that ‘mobile’ since it’s hardly moving within a few square feet. Looking at the upper legs there can’t be that much ground-clearance when it lift’s a foot. Of the few steps it did actually take it had to be supported twice by it’s creator.

    Maybe the biped is made unstable by design, disabling the sexbot from running off.

  3. I’d have to say this is a bit odd… Not only that, I don’t understand who actually can find this impressive. I’ve seen robots/robotic arms that have a hell of a lot more mobility and fluid-ness to their movement.

    This is just some crap Japanese team trying to be another group of people who made as Caleb put it “a bag of servos”.

    Ridiculous and I personally think a waste of servos, metal, time, and money.

  4. @Davse Bamse:
    Actually getting one to do the robot properly would probably be quite impressive :D

    Not all that far from normal schoolgirl outfits here, but i see what you’re getting at :P

  5. @The Manatee Militia
    Maybe because it’s not possible to know something is a waste of time until it’s been seen, unless you imply all video is a waste of time. Also, how do you know they watched it all?

  6. I would have thought that Hack A Day readers would be able to suppress the uncanny valley repulsion, but I guess not. Personally, I found nothing particularly creepy about the video. You have to look at it from a technological view, not as a dancing young girl. I find the dance to be very impressive.

    That being said, the baby in Tin Toy was totally creepy.

  7. I don’t know why everyone is so creeped out by this. It’s a good song imo, very catchy. Obviously sexbots are one possible future iteration of this technology, but that’s gonna happen whether we have robot dance-offs or not. Honestly, I’m exceedingly happy they have robot dance-offs. It’s exploring the field of robotic locomotion more and more. If advancing the field means robot dance competitions to generate interest then so be it. It’s not creepy people. Seriously, get over yourselves and look behind the robot dressed in the schoolgirl’s uniform and recognize the scientific and engineering benefits that come from this.


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