Xbox 360 Controller On NES


Some may think that linking an Xbox 360 controller to an original NES console is overkill. [Francois] would not count him self among that group. When the robotics team at his school was done using the controller with one of their projects, [Francois] used a Cortex M3 processor to get it to run with one of Nintendo’s 8-bit consoles. Part of the code for using the controller with the robot and the NES is available. Now all that is left is being able to play Duck Hunt with a Sixaxis controller.

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  1. Hi,
    There is some more videos with a little more details here :

    Basically, I’m using a MAX3421E as the layer 1 of the USB interface directly connected to the ARM Cortex-M3 by SPI. For the NES interface I use a simple 74HCT573 on the clock and Latch line as a filter. If you have some more precise questions please ask.

    By the way it says “part of the code” but as I’m writing this, all we have on this project is on that SVN including our (French) final report, UML, Sequence diagrams etc etc


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