The Harlequin Project

This impressive little mod is quite fantastic really. [pakkei] has constructed the Harlequin, a home-made version of the Microsoft courier. This was a stock Dell mini9. Now, coupled with a display link touch screen monitor that happens to be identical in size and resolution to the original, it has become a new device. He has loaded Windows7 and is currently working on a case that can hold all the bits a little more organized than what you see above. We can’t wait to see this finished.

[via engadget]

15 thoughts on “The Harlequin Project

  1. So before even reading the post I thought someone had hacked together Penny’s computer book from the Inspector Gadget cartoon. If I can find a couple dell minis laying around, I think I may get into that.

  2. This is a nice idea.
    I wanted to do something like this for E-Books about 4 years ago to get back some of that tactile experience of the paper back, but just don’t have the money to put into it.
    Glad to see great minds think alike.
    I think this will go from hack to Store shelves soon enough.
    It just makes to much sense not to.
    (I’ll still be to poor to get one but it will make me happy to see it)

    Then we can hack the sold version.

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