Don’t point that at me

Some things are made to look steam punk but others are steam punk. This example of the later is a camera made mostly of brass. The body has been soldered together with only a shutter and lens being purchased for the project. There is a viewfinder and separate range finder to determine the proper focus for pictures as this is not a single lens reflex.

It should be obvious by now that this is a film camera. It relies on the photographer to turn the winder until an arrow on the knob lines up with a mark on the body for proper alignment. If you set out to make one of these, perhaps you should also manufacture your own film for it.

[via Dvice]

10 thoughts on “Don’t point that at me

  1. Nikons classic SLRs — the F(FT, FTN) and F2 were brass with black paint or chrome (or some gray metal) coating. If you ever see one, the edges are usually worn enough so you can see the brass.
    Check it out:

    It’d be pretty neat to see one with no paint.
    I think the lenses were brass too.

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