Ultrasonically Controlled Instrument


[Rui] is working on a sequencer to control his robotic gamelan. The software maps out the controllers that operate the musical robot, which play the traditional Indonesian instruments.

The controls use ultrasonic distance sensors that detect the proximity of the musician’s hands. This data is collected by an Arduino and sent to a computer for use with the sequencer. The controller body is an upside down salad bowl from Ikea; cheap, available, and creative!

[via @littlebirdceo]

2 thoughts on “Ultrasonically Controlled Instrument

  1. l used to play gamelon
    the old fashioned analog way

    these here bots seem to be lacking
    in the way of velocity/expresion controll
    but most of all


    a key part of the gamelon sound

    l am in the middle of nowhere in argentina
    so this here computerator
    wont really do vimeo
    so it died before l got to chek out the controlers

    more infor would be nice
    especily the sequencign bits
    what eh salid bowls control…

    it is an orchestra
    you know
    so one person to controll
    (esp in real time) si quite a mish

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