CES: Glove Input

The peregrine looks like it could actually be a useful tool. We’ve seen several people make glove input devices over the years and this looks like a quick and easy way to get one going. It touts over 30 touch points that are user programmable. Really, it works more like a keyboard wrapped around your hand than any kind of motion or flex sensing. It could probably save you some time if you are headed that direction, but at $250 you might just want to build your own.

[James] – For those looking to make your own, Adafruit offers both flex sensors and force sensitive buttons that could help you work on something like this.

CES: 3d Tv, Without Glasses

We were hoping to get to test drive some of the 3d televisions that don’t need glasses. We had speculated about how they worked, and we were mostly right.  It appears to be some type of lens that works similar to those little printed holograms. The strange thing is that we haven’t seen any of these TVs in the big name booths. The few that we have seen are in little booths at the edges. The big names are usually doing the polarized glasses or shutter glasses.

“it was nice not wearing glasses”… yeah, I know, I’m wearing glasses.

Ask A Winner…


We’ve been given the honor of interviewing each team from the Nokia N900 PUSH competition one on one. However, rather than be selfish, we thought it would be fun and informative if the readers got to ask the teams some questions too.

Just post your question in a comment and we will be sure to ask.

Avoid the basics, like “what was your inspiration” – don’t worry, we’ve got those covered. But maybe you have that dieing question of “Haptic Guide: What kind of battery life do you expect with 9 or more motors constantly spinning, surly we wont be wearing Lead Acid around will we?”