Fujifilm 3D Camera

There have been a couple companies that have shown off full-sized 3D displays, but Fujifilm had a couple of products that caught my eye. The first was a stereoscopic camera called the Finepix Real 3D W1 that not only functioned as a 3D Camera, but also featured a glasses-free 3D display on the back. The camera was capable of using the separate cameras in different functions, allowing you to zoom one in, and take a wide angle with the other simultaneously.

They featured a miniature 3D display as well, which was the size of a regular digital photo frame but contained the same technology as the camera screen. As far as getting into hacking a 3D display, this would be a good place to start, though the ~$400 price might be a bit of a put off.

CES Update: Atmega128RFA1

After posting about our visit and interview with [Vemund], the Atmel rep at CES. We got the feeling you needed to know some more. The thing that has got us pretty excited is the ATmega128RFA1(pdf) single-chip microcontroller and Zigbee radio module. It can be found in the ATmegaRFA1-EK1 development board. We look forward to seeing future projects and products involving this chip. How would you use this chip?

CES: HackaDay Fans

Sure, we’ve talked about some¬†internet celebrity fans, but we also met a lot of great fans around the show and at events we’ve covered. In the future, we are looking to cover more live events and cons, as well as starting coverage of hackerspaces. Keep an eye out at your local hacking event for the HackaDay team. Gallery of fan photos after the break.

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