Volt Meter Clock

The Volt meter clock continues our recent slew of interesting clock projects. Though considerably easier to read than the resistor clock, it is in the same frame of mind. Set up to look like the face of an analog volt meter, it almost looks like something official or scientific. Since [Jon] couldn’t simply drop a clock mechanism in, he used a PIC microcontroller. The circuit is pretty simple, but he deserves some credit just for the unique layout.

18 thoughts on “Volt Meter Clock

  1. Interesting concept and well implemented. Though personally it seems like the face would make more sense if it were 24 hours with 12 noon in the center. Though I suppose that would make the clock harder to read accurately (at least the minutes), since the distance between hours would be reduced.

  2. i once had a huge meter from a pH measuring box (valve based) that would have been ideal for this app – wish i’d kept it now.

    as it is, one of those spares (+/- 30V) from a spare ham radio power supply would probably work.

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