Foul-mouthed Game Will Get You In Trouble

[Fridgehead] modified his Simon Says game to include a dirty word for each lighted button. This is a real good way to teach kids to swear and to get child protective services to pay you a visit all at the same time. The hardware has been modified to use an Arduino in tandem with an ISD audio chip. These chips can record and playback sound. Although [Fridgehead] could have made it say anything he, choose four words you won’t say in front of your mother. We should warn you not to play the video after the break if you’re at work or it’ll be your boss that comes after you, not your disappointed mom.

As we said before, these videos are Not Safe For Work due to foul language.


Simon Swears in action


Simon Swears: the guts

38 thoughts on “Foul-mouthed Game Will Get You In Trouble

  1. I fucking hate those ISD audio chips. I made 2 designs using the winbonds ISD audio chips, and both designs failed because Winbond discontinued them. 1 year of wasted work because Winbond doesn’t know how to keep their older chips in production.

  2. omg this is mine! Please dont flame me for using and arduino, I do have an Atmega168 kit coming in the post which i’ll install at some point and probably ditch the arduino from the project.
    Theres no build notes because connecting an SPI device, 4 leds and 4 buttons to an arduino is criminally easy!

  3. Haha fridgehead you want to sit here and argue about the vagaries of what a “hack” is? I made a joke and I’m surprised it bothered you. I mean, isn’t your project sort of a joke? And no, you can’t see my “hacks.” If I wanted you to see them I would have put them on the internet already. Maybe someday, but documenting shit isn’t really the fun part to me.
    People write bad stuff about some of the most amazing things I have seen on this site. In fact I have often wondered if I ever showed something off and somehow got on some blog such as h/a/d would I even want to read the comments? Maybe you yourself shouldn’t… At least not for this “realisation of a stupid idea dreamt up in the pub once that got built whilst I was recovering from a broken arm and had nothing better to do” as you call it. It’s a lot easier to say “hack” I guess.

  4. Everything I make is awesome even if it does use an Arduino, so I always like reading the comments when they get on hackaday.

    I don’t think fridgehead should apologize for using an Arduino, it’s just a handy microcontroller platform. What he should apologize for is his language!

  5. I think he should hack his invention to apologize for itself. Does an apology count if there’s no feelings behind it? If it could make a heartfelt apology then that would be a truly epic hack!

  6. Id call it a hack. NSFW, inappropriate, whatever, thats just down to what words he made it say. The question wouldnt even be there if it was something kid-safe.

    Speaking of things not kid-safe, whats this bit about CPS? Did they actually show up at fridgebeards place over this? If its just a joke, thats the bit I’d call inappropriate on.

  7. by what specific definition is someone pretentious enough to say this is not a hack? This couldn’t be hack a week if something like this doesn’t even qualify, this is a textbook hack. Instructables wouldn’t have a lot of users if they removed everything like this and easier.

  8. you know i might re-record the sounds and call it “Carlin Curses” instead..

    @Merried Seinor Comic – I tried that, a while ago I found a circuit diagram and library for creating sounds from PIC’s using just a couple of resistors. It sounded like crap :)

  9. So in the US you can’t watch a youtube of a toy saying fuck/shit/etcetera? But they do allow you to watch youtubes in general? US sure sounds like a swell place, I’m entering the greencard contest now, can’t wait.

  10. @fridgehead – That’s weird. I have made a synth using an arduino using the same setup (6 bit R2R) and I thought it sounded pretty good. Maybe my hearing is crap though ;)

  11. Call me juvenile, I laughed at it. Nice work! And in my (adult) household, would be a funny thing to have out on the coffee table for unsuspecting guests. ++ the idea to change the word set to “worse” words as the levels progress…

  12. Child Protective Services?

    I’ll take the parent who lets his kids say what they like over the one that beats them when they use one of these words. They’re just fucking words.

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